A Day in the Life … Pyrus: growing seasonal and organic wedding blooms in a Scottish walled garden


Day in the life of Pyrus

I am so thrilled to be back with this ‘A Day in the Life’ feature on the blog.  Embarrassingly it’s been over a year since I did my first one (have a read here) but I do hope that I can bring it as a more regular feature.  The idea behind it is to give you a peek into the lives of some of the fab wedding businesses that you can find on our directory.

Today I’m handing the blog over to Natalya and Fiona who are the dynamic and creative duo behind Pyrus, flower farmers growing seasonal and organic blooms from their walled garden near Edinburgh and weaving them into the most fantastic floral arrangements.  

Over to Natalya and Fiona…

Late summer seasonal bouquet with cosmos, nigella seed heads and blackberries by Pyrus

Natalya and Fiona from Pyrus flowers in Scotland


Earlier this year we invited the wonderful photographer Nic Rue to spend the day at the Pyrus flower garden and studio outside Edinburgh, documenting us as we prepared for a late summer wedding.

We first met Nic when she came to one of our flower classes with friends and knew we wanted to work with her on a project.  We were nervous about opening our doors to be photographed but we needn’t have worried, in fact it was a pleasure to share our studio with her for the day.  She brought a plethora of cameras in her kit bag and the results are a combination of digital and film shots which captured the Colstoun estate we are based on beautifully.

Cutting seasonal blooms in the Pyrus walled garden

Summer flowers growing in the Pyrus walled garden

Field scabious

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have the most relaxed, trusting brides and are often given carte blanche to put together their flowers using the very best from the flower garden that day.  Weddings for us are a gentle, creative process which begins with harvesting flowers from the cutting garden and foraging for treasures in the surrounding meadows and woodland, one of the most enjoyable parts of our job.

Cutting acorns

Wild flowers

Natalya and Fiona from Pyrus flowers

Back in the studio we put some music on to get the creative juices flowing (Tina Turner tops the Pyrus playlist) and become immersed in our work.  The most important thing is to showcase nature in all its glory and give even the most delicate, ethereal flower a moment to shine.  This year we have focused on establishing our Scottish wild flower beds and it has been incredibly exciting to watch the first of the field scabious and viper’s bugloss bloom and get covered in wild bees and pollinators.

Summer bouquet with cosmos and nigella seed heads

Echinacea flowers

The flower studio at Pyrus flowers in Scotland

Pyrus preparing wedding flowers

We all know that the bride is the star of every wedding and to create a bridal bouquet is an honour for any florist but we do feel that sometimes the boys get left out a little.  Buttonholes are one of our favourite things to make; little botanical sculptures where you can show off the tiniest of foraged gems and inject a personal, quirky twist. From sea glass to Lego men or mushrooms- we love them all!

Wild and seasonal buttonholes

Pyrus preparing wedding flowers

Pyrus preparing wedding flowers

This particular wedding was small and informal, held just along the road from us in East Lothian in a coastal village hall.  A sense of place made it all the more special, our bride carried flowers that were grown, cut and foraged just a few miles away.

Seasonal summer bouquet with echinacea flowers and blackberries from Pyrus


Seasonal green and white wedding flowers from Pyrus

Many thanks to Nic for taking such care to record our adventures and we hope you all enjoy an insight into the world of florist-growers north of the border.

Pyrus flowers in Scotland foraging

For all you brides-to-be who might be interested in booking Pyrus to create your wedding flowers (or if you just want to go oggle at more of their stunning creations!) then you can visit their website  Alternatively you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

If you enjoyed hearing about what the Pyrus ladies get up to in a day, then do check out A Day in the Life of The Garden Gate Flower Company.  I am really hoping to bring you more of these features as I think they’re a lovely way to get to know the businesses on The Natural Wedding Company directory a little better.

Images: Nic Rue


Rachiebabes on 6. January, 2014

You just inspire me!

Thanks so much for sharing x

The Garden Gate Flower Company on 7. January, 2014

Love these guys – so great to get a peek inside their workspace!

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