TNWC Real Brides: Emma’s latest crafting projects and and worries about the small things on their wedding ‘to do’ list


Izzy Burton illustration

So we had a little break last week from our TNWC Real Brides series – the first of our real brides, Caroline, got married on May 18th in a beautiful farm wedding (you can see a gorgeous picture of Caroline and Gareth on their wedding day here on Facebook) and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Today we have Emma back with us, and she only has 8 weeks to go until her big day in Cornwall.  These weddings are all coming so quickly!  She has a couple of gorgeous craft projects to share with you all today – a pretty decorated bottles for table flowers, a homemade blackboard seating plan, and the sweetest aisle liners I’ve seen.

Over to Emma to tell you what they’ve been up to…

All The Small Things (seem to bring the biggest headache)

Up until a week ago I was feeling calm, organised and under control with the planning going swimmingly.  Then suddenly with less than 8 weeks to go (EXCITED!) I started to get a bit worrisome.  All the big things have been well and truly ticked off the list but the little things seem like they have started breed!

Old glass bottles decorated with ribbons

I suspect this happens to every bride and the point at which where ‘bridezilla’ may start to rear her ugly head, I can feel it bubbling beneath the surface now… I think the main problem is worrying that we will forget something!  Like having enough tables for the caterer to put food on, sorting out music for the ceremony and how we are going to play it outside in the amphitheatre.

I have been worrying about things that we had slightly overlooked; like what we can feed our vegan guests when we are having a hog roast and cream tea (slight fail).  The only oven on site is an outdoor pizza oven…hmmm, still to be solved.

Antique glass bottle vases

I turned all this anxious energy into making a website. I was inspired by Nik and Chris’ website and thought it would be a great idea to have one too.  It was also very therapeutic.  The best thing I did was talk to Chris about it and together we wrote a list, over breakfast in bed.  We discussed all the small things and prioritised them.  Once we were sure we hadn’t forgotten anything I was back to feeling chilled.

Pretty glass bottles for wedding flowers

Decorated Glass Bottles for Table Flowers

We set about tackling some of our crafting this weekend.  For the flowers on the tables we plan to use old glass bottles and jars.  I have been tying ribbons onto our steadily growing bottle collection, which is actually harder than it seems… tying bows that look good and symmetrical is actually a bit tricky but I found the less thick the ribbon the better – unfortunately by this point I had bought quite a lot of thick ribbon!  We have been finding places to keep them around the house!

There are bottles all over our little flat!

Vintage glass bottles tied with ribbon

Homemade Blackboard Seating Plan

Chris made a lovely blackboard, which we plan to use as a seating plan.  He used an old clip frame backing and an old picture frame that I had picked up last year to use for some of my photography projects.  We had some blackboard paint in the loft, so within an hour or so on sunny Saturday, Chris had made something that looked pretty good considering it was made out of junk we had lying around (and shoved down the back of radiators).

Making a homemade blackboard seating plan

Making a homemade blackboard seating plan

It took quite a few coats of paint as the chipboard was very absorbent.  Chris had to sand back each layer and in the end it took four coats.

Homemade framed blackboard wedding seating plan

Ice Cream Coloured Aisle Decorations

Another little project I started but haven’t finished is cutting out the hearts for the ‘aisle lining’.  Again I had bought some foam for crafting ages ago so decided, (as the colours were very similar to our wedding colours of coral, yellow and mint green) that I would cut them into heart shapes ready to put onto sticks to put into the ground.

Pastel coloured foam hearts

Pastel coloured foam hearts for aisle decorations

I quite like the colour combination that you get with them all together!  I got the idea for these hearts from Pinterest. I didn’t want to use paper as they could so easily get soggy which is why I plumped for the foam.  I think they will look so cute!

Whilst working our way down the small things list, we booked The Creative Crockery Company for our cream tea.  I met Louisa at a wedding fair and she was offering a 20% discount, which meant that we could afford to hire pretty vintage cups and saucers at the same price as plain white ones; better still she is based just a couple of miles from our venue so will keep to our plan of having as local as possible suppliers.

So as the countdown really starts to begin I will be making sure I talk to Chris about my worries to make sure everything is on the ‘to do’ list.  However, as Chris keeps reminding me, in reality all that really matters is that we are both there and make our vows, the rest will pale into insignificance…(but I still want it all to look really pretty).

Images: (1) Illustration by Izzy Burton; (2 – 10) Brides own pictures


Nik on 28. May, 2013

oh blimey, I have just over six weeks to go and feel you are way more organised than me!! I know exactly what you mean about the little things, but I’m hoping that once I start venue decorating the week before, I will be reminded of the things that need to be sorted. Thankfully my mum is coming down to help me at that stage!

Love the hearts too – did you cut the shapes by hand?! Nik x

Emma Lou on 11. June, 2013

Hi Nik, Only just seen your comment – sorry! Yes cutting by hand – just used a paper template, it took time but was cathartic. We only have a couple of hours the night before to decorate so it is hard to not get overwhelmed! xx

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Bubbly Creations on 12. February, 2015

I love the idea of decorating the glass bottles with ribbon. A really simple and cheap way to decorate.

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