TNWC Real Brides: Stephanie on deciding their wedding style and choosing farmers market flowers


Izzy Burton illustration

Rounding up the second guest posts from our TNWC Real Brides is Stephanie talking about a subject I love – flowers.  As well as revealing details of her seasonal farmers market-sourced flowers, Stephanie also shares Pinterest helped her realise the style for their wedding.

When we got engaged we began to receive a lot of questions pertaining to the style of the actual wedding: What will your colors be? Where is it going to be? What types of flowers will you have?  My initial thought was “My God, we’ve only been engaged for ten seconds… I have no idea about any of these things!”

Rustic fiesta wedding inspiration

Honestly, I began to panic a little bit because I wondered if perhaps I should already have some sort of idea of what I wanted.  I began to pour through blogs, wedding magazines – whatever I could get my hands on – and felt even more overwhelmed!  After a few weeks of this I decided just to take a step back and relax.  I realized that I was allowed to move at my own pace and all of these questions were not meant to stress me out; they were well-intended and out of pure excitement for Justin and myself.

Wedding Planning with Pinterest

For me, this realization was the key to everything essentially falling into place organically.  Well, this realization AND Pinterest.  People have been creating inspiration board for years, it’s nothing new, but Pinterest has really allowed everyone to organize his or her likes, décor ideas, style, whatever, quickly and easily.  It has definitely been the most useful wedding planning tool I have used as far as the theme and style of the wedding goes.  After a few weeks of pinning random things I’ve found on the web onto various boards I created like “wedding décor”, “flowers”, etc., I began to notice a very clear theme with respect to overall style and color.  The way I see it, the wedding planned itself.

Fiesta inspired wedding decor

I am naturally attracted to natural colors like greens, browns, blush pinks, and oranges.  This works quite nicely because my wedding happens to be as summer is transitioning to fall, so these colors are abundant that time of year in New England.  I also wanted to use flowers that were available locally for the season, so I was happy that I could incorporate colors I loved while supporting the local economy and utilizing seasonal flowers.  I actually happened upon a nicely laid out image of a variety of flowers in the colors I loved, and that image (pictured) served as the centerpiece of my flower inspiration: garden succulents, poppies , ranunculus,  herbs like lavender, and barley.

Farmers Market Flowers

Once I felt confident in what I wanted I made appointments with two local florists.  The florist I ultimately hired has a stand at the local farmers market during the summer and fall and always has the most beautiful cut flower arrangements.  Meeting with Polly of Robin Hollow Farm was great and our interaction was completely natural.  I appreciated the way she really listened to what I envisioned for the day.  Utilizing my Pinterest images was really helpful in communicating everything and I knew that it really allowed Polly to understand what I was going for.

Orange wedding flower guide

It’s important to be really clear about your expectations, and also be really clear about the budget.  I met with one other florist prior to Polly, as a family friend recommended her, but she was way out of my price range.  She would have done a marvellous job, but I knew that I could find someone who would stay within my budget.  It’s too easy to allow yourself to stray and stretch the budget, but if you do that too often it will quickly add up!  Polly really proved to me that she “got it” when she sent the proposal – everything was described better than I could have described it myself, and she included inspiration images that really hit the proverbial nail on the head.

Needless to say, it all worked out!  I am looking forward to how Polly translates my vision and feel really good about checking off another item from the to-do list!  I am also particularly excited about the floral crown she’ll be creating for me.  How often can a girl wear a crown of flowers on her head?  I’m certainly looking forward to taking advantage of it!

I love the colours and feel that Stephanie and Justin are planning for their wedding, I think it will fit perfectly with their coastal New England wedding on what will hopefully be a lovely warm autumn day.  Who else is choosing seasonal and locally sourced flowers for their wedding?

Images: (1) Illustration by Izzy Burton; (2) Rustic Fiesta inspiration board via True Event; (3) Southwest inspiration board via Nicole Rene Design; (4) Wedding Chicks


Nicola on 21. March, 2013

A great tip from Stephanie about pinning what you like and allowing your likes to emerge organically…

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