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Here we are with our final blog post from our 2013 TNWC Real Brides. Today we are back with Stephanie, our lovely bride in the USA, to share all about her wonderful wedding day. 

It has been such a lovely journey with last years ‘real brides’ it is somewhat sad to say goodbye to them with this final post. But, we are about to embark on a whole load of new wedding planning adventures with our 2014 TNWC Real Brides! So excited!

So it’s over to Stephanie to tell you all about her wedding – it’s more like a real wedding feature with all the stunning photos she’s sent me from her photographer Red Anchor Photo…(and don’t miss the skateboarding groom!)

Stephanie and Justin's homespun vintage fiesta wedding - photography

Okay, maybe I’m slightly biased, but I’d have to say my wedding weekend goes down in history as the greatest weekend ever. About four months later and I am still buzzing with the love and beautiful energy my (now) husband and I felt that weekend surrounded by family and friends.  The day of our wedding also happened to be the windiest day in history, but more about that later.

Bridal bouquet of succulents, dahlias and lavender by and photography

Cupcake wedding cake with 'day of the dead' cake topper - photography

Eclectic vintage wedding tables - photography

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Izzy Burton illustration

Rounding up the second guest posts from our TNWC Real Brides is Stephanie talking about a subject I love – flowers.  As well as revealing details of her seasonal farmers market-sourced flowers, Stephanie also shares Pinterest helped her realise the style for their wedding.

When we got engaged we began to receive a lot of questions pertaining to the style of the actual wedding: What will your colors be? Where is it going to be? What types of flowers will you have?  My initial thought was “My God, we’ve only been engaged for ten seconds… I have no idea about any of these things!”

Rustic fiesta wedding inspiration

Honestly, I began to panic a little bit because I wondered if perhaps I should already have some sort of idea of what I wanted.  I began to pour through blogs, wedding magazines – whatever I could get my hands on – and felt even more overwhelmed!  After a few weeks of this I decided just to take a step back and relax.  I realized that I was allowed to move at my own pace and all of these questions were not meant to stress me out; they were well-intended and out of pure excitement for Justin and myself.

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