Ethical gold wedding rings

Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back from wedding planning, from all the lovely details and fun plans for this incredible celebration, and look at the deeper part of marriage.  I think an important part of that is choosing where you buy your engagement and wedding rings from – of all the many items you purchase for your wedding, your rings will have one of the biggest environmental costs.

No one likes to be bombarded or overwhelmed with terrible statistics or facts about the environmental costs of something like a wedding ring, often it just makes you feel even more powerless to make a difference, but we can’t ignore that there are some pretty bad facts when it comes to conventional mining.

Ethical engagement ring from CRED Jewellery

CRED Jewellery, one of our fabulous TNWC recommended jewellery businesses, are paving the way in fairly traded and fairly mined wedding rings, and they’ve put together this short video about a real couple who chose fairtrade wedding rings and why… 

There are many alternatives to ‘standard’ engagement and wedding rings, from recycled to fairtrade and fairmined gold and silver, you just need to go and immerse yourself in our Jewellery section to see some of the wonderful businesses who are really making a difference.

Have you chosen a fairtrade, fairmined or recycled engagement or wedding ring?  Maybe you’ve decided on antique rings instead?  I’d love to hear from you about the rings you chose and why, so do leave a message below or drop me an email at

Images: CRED Jewellery


Emma on 27. February, 2013

We got my engagement ring and our wedding rings from Cred Jewellery! 🙂 It was really important to me to get ethical jewellery, and Cred was the best value ethical jeweller we found. The rings are beautiful too! 🙂

Kelly Rogers on 1. March, 2013

Wow. I didn’t know there’s such a thing as ethical mining and fairtrade, or fairmined rings. Thanks for your post because I got informed.

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