Little Cherry biodegradable tableware

Ooh I do love a good offer, and especially those that I can give exclusively to you, my lovely brides-to-be.  Today I have a fantastic 10% discount on all orders placed with Little Cherry who have a huge range of biodegradable and compostable tableware, fabric bunting, eco balloons, wild flower seeded gift tags, and much, much more!

Biodegradable heart shaped bowl

If you are planning a festival inspired wedding with a casual meal, or perhaps a beautiful picnic for your guests, then Little Cherry’s palm leaf or natural bamboo tableware would be ideal.

The bamboo is all organically grown and is a fantastic sustainable material for making eco-chic disposable plates.  The palm leaf tableware is made from fallen palm leaves that are soaked, pressed into shape and then dried in the sun.

Eco-friendly disposable plates

For something more rustic, choose Little Cherry’s sialli leaf plates which really resemble a leaf plate!  And for something a little more subtle but still equally eco-friendly, you can also get tableware made from leftover sugarcane fibres which produces nice white plates and bowls.

All of the tableware available from Little Cherry is biodegradable so it can be popped into your compost bin at the end of your wedding.  Little Cherry also offer a sample service on their tableware, normal delivery costs apply.

Eco-friendly heart shaped balloons

As well as tableware, Little Cherry stock biodegradable latex balloons in a whole host of colours (and even heart shaped ones – perfect for Valentines Day!) that come without the worry of ordinary balloons that don’t break down once they’ve been disposed of.  Little Cherry’s balloons will break down within 6 months, are fairly traded and come from a sustainable source.

Floral fabric wedding bunting

Now what wedding isn’t made more cheerful with the addition of a little bunting?  If you are on the hunt for pretty bunting, Little Cherry has a range of floral and plain cotton fabric bunting that is perfect for weddings.

So whether you are planning a wedding or a party, or you fancy decorating your house with a bunch of sustainable red love heart balloons for Valentines Day, do take advantage of this exclusive 10% discount from Little Cherry.

To claim the offer

Simply enter the code ‘WEDDING13’ at the checkout on the Little Cherry website.

Terms and Conditions

1.  This offer expires on 31st March 2013.
2. This offer entitles you to 10% off your order with Little Cherry.
3. Full delivery costs apply.
4. Orders are for normal delivery timings – they cannot store orders for later delivery.
5. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


Jane Cristina on 20. July, 2017

The biodegradable and compostable tableware will be very suitable for festivals, wedding, and casual meals.This type of palm leaf plates will give a fancy decorating to our house. So everybody must get into this biodegradable compostable fancy world.

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