Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe lucky horseshoes

Last week was pretty exciting for Nicola from Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe, it saw the launch of her beautiful new ‘Blush’ collection over on Love My Dress (you absolutely must take a look).  ‘Blush’ is a super romantic collection of bridal accessories featuring the softest chiffon florals, delicate beadwork, and each handcrafted by Nicola.

Romantic lucky wedding horseshoe

I am thrilled to share with you her brand new collection of wedding horseshoe charms, each made from real horseshoes, sourced from local farms and carefully reconditioned by Nicola.  As you can imagine, it involves quite a bit of cleaning to transform a horseshoe previously worn by a horse into one of these beautiful charms!

Traditional wedding horseshoe

Not knowing much myself about the history of carrying a horshoe on your wedding day, I did a bit of research and it turns out that the gift of a horseshoe on your wedding day will bring you good luck.  Tradition says that it’s unlucky to turn the horseshoe upside down as this allows all the luck to fall out!

Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe lucky horseshoe

Thankfully, the beautiful horseshoe’s from Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe come with pretty lace or ribbon handles to ensure all your luck stays firmly with you.

Romantic lucky wedding horseshoe

Whether you want to carry one on your wedding day or know a bride-to-be who you’d like to gift one too, there is a gorgeous selection to choose from.  Take a look at the Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe website for the full collection of wedding accessories including headpieces, veils, garters, and sashes.  You can also buy items directly for the Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe online shop.

Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe is a recommended supplier of The Natural Wedding Company.

Images: Katy Lunsford Photography


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