A breathtakingly beautiful wildflower wedding cake with sugarpaste flowers


Wild flower wedding cake

Couples planning your weddings – I’m so envious of you!  I know, I’ve been there, planned and enjoyed an utterly wonderful wedding day (which I wouldn’t change for the world), but I get a tiny bit jealous when I come across all these wonderful new businesses and ideas.

Wildflower wedding cake with sugarpaste flowers

This stunning wedding cake is from one of our new TNWC businesses – Amy Swann Cakes. Isn’t it just breathtaking!  Each of those tiny flowers are handcrafted by Amy from sugarpaste – handcrafted!

Amy Swann wildflower wedding cake

Before I bore you silly with my over-abundant use of descriptive words to sum up this cake, I’m going to hand you over to Amy to tell you a bit more about this cake’s creation…

“I am in my element when I am creating something beautiful.  This cake is inspired by wild flowers from my garden, I also looked at florists blogs who work with wild ‘loose’ arrangements for inspiration.  I create illustrations of my ideas, work with moodboards, colour charts and real flowers to create each piece.”

Garden flowers

“I build up a collection [of sugarpaste flowers] as though I have picked them from the garden, then I arrange them onto the cake.  My approach is organic, so things can change as I go along.  My background is in textile design – surface pattern, so colour, texture and composition is my focus in the design process.”

Don’t you think it’s hard to believe these aren’t real flowers?

Sugarpaste dog rose flowers

“Here is an example of how I see each flower as an individual art form, as a florist would…”

Lilac sugarpaste flowers

“I work alongside couples to get a feel for the theme and choice of colours then spend time illustrating the ideas to make everything perfect.  This becomes my inspiration for the final piece. The drawing is also a lovely keepsake to remember your special day.”

Wildflower wedding cake illustration

Amy Swann Cakes are homemade using local and fair trade ingredients and all of the work is hand crafted and made from sugarpaste.  For full details visit and be sure to check out her Facebook page for more gorgeous examples of her work.

Amy Swann Cakes

P.S. Does anyone else find this cake reminds them of Brambly Hedge?  It’s no secret around here that I love these childhood books about the mice who live in the hedgerow, and I know a few of your are fans too.


LaurenC on 19. September, 2012

So beautiful, I love it! The flowers are gorgeous. Cannot believe they are handcrafted! Stunning.

Emily on 10. January, 2013

This is a beautiful cake :)

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