A soft and romantic Victorian inspired 1970s wedding dress


Romantic Victorian inspired wedding dress

A purely self-indulgent piece of inspiration this morning, but hopefully you’ll love it as much as me. I spotted this image over on the blog from handmade British knitwear maker My-Shell Me-Shell and was instantly in-love, if that’s possible with an image.  I think deep down I must be a soft romantic type, although I claim not to be.

What do I love about this image?  What don’t I love more like – I love the soft light, the messy hair, the pretty dress and even the way she’s sat.  I think if I was still planning my wedding this would have been bookmarked as part of my inspiration, not necessarily because I wanted to find a wedding dress like it, but just because it captures something I love, a feeling perhaps, that I would have liked to translate to my wedding day.

Do you come across inspiration and images like that?  Is anyone wearing a wedding dress or on the lookout for one like this – a sort of mock Victorian 1970s boho vibe?

Image: Sarah Ann Wright Photography via My-Shell Me-Shell


Sarah on 11. July, 2012


I’m glad you like my picture so much! Though I am not married I do have a thing for vintage wedding dresses, ones in this style can be picked up especially cheaply on eBay, I do confess to owning several just for photo shoot opportunities :) This one is one of my favourites :)

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