Victorian inspired wedding dresses

I am so, so excited about showing off these beautifully new wedding dresses from The Vintage Wedding Dress Company because I think you’ll love them as much as me.  It was literally it was love at first sight when I spotted them.

The Vintage Wedding Dress Company are well known for their incredible collection of original antique wedding dresses, but they’ve also branched out into their own collection of vintage inspired gowns, and their newest designs have my heart aflutter.

There is a massive fan base out their for 40s and 50s style wedding dresses, and more recently 20s and 30s inspired, but what I really love are the older dresses, Edwardian and Victorian era and I’m delighted that The Vintage Wedding Dress Company have bought out a few new designs with these eras in mind.

Join me as we step into a fantasy world of exquisite wedding dresses…

Victorian style lace empire line dress #1

Victorian inspired wedding dress with Chapelle lace

This incredibly feminine Victorian inspired dress is made from Chapelle lace over soft satin and has an empire line.  Again, there is a wide range of styling additions that you can add to make this dress exactly how you want it, for example long lace sleeves or there’s even a shorter knee-length version if you want something a bit more modern.  Take a look at TVWDC website to see a few other examples of this dress.

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Romantic Victorian inspired wedding dress

A purely self-indulgent piece of inspiration this morning, but hopefully you’ll love it as much as me. I spotted this image over on the blog from handmade British knitwear maker My-Shell Me-Shell and was instantly in-love, if that’s possible with an image.  I think deep down I must be a soft romantic type, although I claim not to be.

What do I love about this image?  What don’t I love more like – I love the soft light, the messy hair, the pretty dress and even the way she’s sat.  I think if I was still planning my wedding this would have been bookmarked as part of my inspiration, not necessarily because I wanted to find a wedding dress like it, but just because it captures something I love, a feeling perhaps, that I would have liked to translate to my wedding day.

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heirloom inspired wedding dresses

Were you one of those little girls who dreamt of living in a different era?  I was.  For a long time I desperately wanted my parents to buy a cottage in the middle of nowhere, and I would wear Little House on the Prairie style dresses and a pinny, and wander round with a chicken under my arm.  At least that’s what I dreamt of.

I’ve always loved period dramas, from Pride and Prejudice to Little Women I loved them all and dreamt of wearing those beautiful dresses.  I think your wedding day is one of the only days that as an average woman you get to live out a little bit of those dreams and wear a stunning dress – a dress that makes you feel inside how you used to feel imagining you were one of those girls from days-gone-by.

period inspired wedding dresses

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This Friday, Cake Love has been usurped by this gorgeous find…

If I had been a bit more of a daring country bride, I would have gone adorned my hair with something like this.  My seven year-old self would have thought it fit for the flower fairies that lived at the bottom of my granny’s garden.

Handcrafted by Rosie Weisencrantz, this is an original Victoria wax floral spray, that she wove onto a natural looking headband.  I was devastated to discover that it has already been sold (not that I’m planning on getting married again anytime soon!), but there are lots of other gorgeous hair adornments crafted from vintage pieces available on the website.

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I spotted this vintage lace Victorian wedding dress on Etsy and thought it was so pretty it should be shared.  My wedding dress is made with 100-year old lace, so I particularly love this era for its delicate cream coloured lace.  It is so pretty and feminine.

These older vintage dresses seem quite rare – is anyone else wearing something similar for their wedding?

This dress can be seen here and you should also check out rest of the vintage bridal dresses in this shop.

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