Edwardian style lace wedding dress

I think the Edwardian era must be my favourite when it comes to wedding dresses, or at least the early period of the 1900s.  This blog post is purely self-indulgent because I just love this dress and wanted to share it in all its loveliness.  I love my wedding dress but how much do I wish I could wear this one!

1910 inspired tiered lace wedding dress

I know for many girls that the 1950s is the era of choice if it’s a vintage or vintage inspired wedding dress you want, but I’d love to know what your favourite era is for dress style?

Edwardian inspired wedding dress with big bow

If you have a particular era that is your favourite when it comes to wedding dress styles do leave a comment – it would be great to know so I know what to look out for when I’m scouring the internet for inspiration to share.

Images: The Vintage Wedding Dress Company


katy on 15. December, 2011

I like the Jane Austen – Pride of Prejudice wedding dress styles!
Although they don’t really suit me!

tara on 15. December, 2011

This is stunning! What is it called? I just love Edwardian dresses and am scouring websites to find one but vintage seems to equal 20s – 50s for most people. Do you have any advice on where else I could look as I probably wouldn’t be able to afford the vintage wedding dress company’s prices!

CharlieB on 16. December, 2011

Hi Tara, I had a quick look last night for something similar. I would try Ebay or Etsy – certainly on Etsy there were lots of original Edwardian wedding dresses/white wedding-like dresses, but it’s worth bearing in mind some are quite fragile and I think they had miniscule waists! Although if you know/can find a good dressmaker then you maybe look at buying an original and get it amended. I didn’t find any that looked exactly like this one, I think probably because this is a modern intepretation, but again possibly a dressmaker could make it for you – but I have no idea on what it would cost. I don’t know where you are in the UK but I can recommend a great one in Cheshire. Any other help needed please don’t hesitate to ask or email me. Best wishes with your dress hunting xXx

Kendra on 23. January, 2013

Love, love, love the dress! However, the model looks like a p.o.w. I think it would be much prettier on someone healthier.

Caroline knowles on 7. April, 2013

I adore this Edwardian 1910 dress can I buy a 14 by 11th April I need it for this sat Desperate. Thanks. Caroline

CharlieB on 7. April, 2013

Hi Caroline, this dress is from VWDC by Charlie Brear – if you want to buy a dress from them you will need to visit their website directly and I would recommend phoning them to enquire as you have such a tight deadline. Best wishes, Charlie

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