I’m excited to be back on track with sharing the full details of our wedding day – it is so lovely to hear that people are enjoying hearing the trials and tribulations of how it all came to be.

So with church decked out with frothy cow parsley, slender young hornbeams, country roses and lit only by candlelight, the only thing missing was me.  The bride.  It’s been mentioned before, but I was 20 minutes late to my wedding.

Image: Mark Tattersall

By now, Nick was getting pretty antsy, Alex the best man was playing his role and winding Nick up (do you remember the photo at the bottom of this post?), and every time the church door opened everyone would look up in anticipation.  This I’ve all heard.   First my mom and little brother Freddie entered.

Then the music started.  We (meaning me) had fallen in love with a piece of harp music from Rebecca Joy Sharp called ‘Scattered Lad’.  The first time I heard I knew that this was what I wanted to walk into the church to.  It encompassed the feeling of how I wanted my wedding to be – it felt celebratory, it was twinged with an old fashioned country tune, and just utterly beautiful.

Image: Mark Tattersall

Of course, we’d rehearsed a couple of times at what point I wanted to start walking in, but standing outside the church with my dad as Izzy and the flowergirls filed in, I completely forgot it all.  Emily and Isla the two flowergirls were so sweet, I was just sad not to see them myself, as they walked in scattering dried petals.

Image: Mark Tattersall

Izzy my gorgeous sister disappeared in – I swear I got tunnel vision, I don’t remember seeing anything inside that church.

Image: Mark Tattersall

It is an incredibly strange moment.  You think you’re going to serenely float down the aisle, taking in your family and friends and then spotting your husband-to-be.  That this is the one moment you’re going to revel in.  And then it’s all over in a flash, you don’t remember seeing anyone, you rush, you’re desperate to get down that aisle.

Image: Mark Tattersall

At least that was my experience of it.  All those lovely flowers, the roses entwined in the chandelier, the candles flickering down the aisle, and the carefully arranged trees to make it feel like the countryside – I don’t remember any of it.  But I know it was worth all the effort.

Image (right): Kate Goodacre

When I got to Nick I threw my arms around him and gave him a huge hug.  In my memory there was this lovely sigh from our family and friends, but I could be imagining that.  It seemed totally improper, aren’t you supposed to stand sensibly beside one another waiting until you are ‘husband and wife’ to share such a joyous embrace?  I decided to sod that, and just go with my emotions.  I would encourage you all to do the same.

So I’ve practically ran down the aisle, missed all the gorgeous flowers and hugged my husband-to-be.  We stood with our arms around each other as we all sung the first hymn.

Image: Mark Tattersall

We made (designed, printed and created) our order of service using more recycled paper and card.    The paper was a soft flecked cream coloured paper and the outside cover some of the brown card that I love so much.  We kept it really simple, probably more old fashioned than other elements.

Image: Mark Tattersall

Inside we included a list of all our family and friends who had come to share our wedding with us – we hoped it was another way of showing them how much it meant to us.

In the centre of order of service we created ‘our story’ – an idea I’d seen and taken inspiration from – which was a bit of fun really.  We created a sort of timeline of how we met, including a couple of photos to illustrate key moments in our relationship.  It provided good entertainment while I was keeping everyone waiting.

Image: Kate Goodacre

I think I’ll include more details on the order of service and what hymns and readings we choose another time if people are interested – this post is already getting long enough!

Saying our vows to one another was one of the most special moments I think we’ll ever share together.  I don’t think anything can prepare you for them.  I was bubbling over with this rush of happiness.  In that moment where we said our vows to each other, we held our gaze and although there was part of me that was aware of everyone sitting there watching us, it was just the two of us.

Image: Mark Tattersall

When our lovely vicar said we were now married I literally threw my arms around Nick – afterwards everyone was saying how impressed they were that Nick managed to stay standing.  Oops!  My biggest piece of advice is just to go with your emotions, don’t hold back because it’s what you’re supposed to do.  We all hope we only do this once, so just embrace it!

Image: Mark Tattersall

Whilst we signed the register with our parents in the Lady Chapel (a tiny space off to the side of the main church) we played ‘All My Days’ by Alexi Murdoch.  I love this photo below that Mark captured with everyone chatting whilst we signed the register…

Image: Mark Tattersall

My mom had written the prayers and we also included a moment of silence for those family members that are no longer with us.

Our vicar Craig was so lovely in planning our wedding ceremony, he really believes that a marriage is a celebration and he created a wonderful atmosphere in the church.  His sermon was just right, and he got everyone clapping at the end.  Nick and I had a moment to stand in front of everyone before we walked out to ‘Candy’ by Paolo Nutini.

Image: Mark Tattersall

I love that the sun seems to have come out just as we walked down the aisle.  Ah I just want to do it all over again looking at the photos.

Image: Mark Tattersall

I really love these photos of us leaving the church with soft natural stone, the green of the door and then the contrast of my dress…

Image: Mark Tattersall

Outside Nick and I had some photos taken and a moment to say ‘hello’ – it sounds silly but when you haven’t seen each other all day, when you usually see each other and plan and get ready for things together, this is the first moment you get to say something ordinary to each other.

Image: Mark Tattersall

A wedding portrait – as much as I don’t like posed photos, you need a few of them to keep the granny’s happy.

Image: Mark Tattersall

Meanwhile, everyone else had been ushered out a tiny door into the church yard where the were waiting for us.  What a cool sight looking out…

Image: Mark Tattersall

Then out we went, through this low old door beneath the wisteria to be showered with confetti and cheers.

Image: Mark Tattersall

This is when I started to spot people – all these wonderful people who have travelled to be there with you.  So girls and boys – this is the. best. day. ever.  Soak it all up, let your emotions lead you, embrace your feelings, and you will never ever feel happier than you do right then.


Bonnie Coupland on 3. October, 2011

Beautiful pictures Charlie! I love the ones of you both walking back up the aisle, simply stunning! Can’t wait for the next installment… x

CharlieB on 3. October, 2011

Thanks Bonnie, I’m so pleased you are still enjoying it – got the next bit coming up later this week x

caroline on 3. October, 2011

Charlie this is so great and couldn’t be at a better time 🙂 I feel so much better after reading this and am feeling so calm after being so nervous last week thank you!!x

CharlieB on 3. October, 2011

It was good timing wasn’t it! I’m so pleased to hear you are feeling better – I think with weddings you just have to embrace all the emotions you experience or get thrown at you. My family had a huge argument and everyone fell out the night before our wedding, I was so upset and gutted to begin with, but that’s what family’s are like and it didn’t ruin anything. Will be thinking of you on Saturday! xXx

Katy Hardman on 4. October, 2011

Aaaah! Lovely!! Please do write about your programs and hymns and readings…we are picking ours and it is turning out to be tricky!!

CharlieB on 4. October, 2011

Will do – I remember it well, you feel like you really have to get it right, it’s the most important bit and you want to choose things carefully and with meaning. Will get writing and sharing!

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Katy Hardman on 5. October, 2011

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