Plantable seeded paper for eco-friendly wedding stationery


I can remember the first time I came across flower seeded paper, it was way back when I was first starting out with The Natural Wedding Company.  It only ever seemed to be available in America, and even now it never seems to appear that often in the UK, so it is truly lovely to see these fab products from one of our businesses, Favour Haven.

The idea that you can create something beautiful from the paper and then plant it and have pretty flowers grow from it, is in my opinion, wonderful.  Favour Haven sells these lovely favour tags, which come in four designs, are available in different colours and can be personalised for your wedding with your names and date.

In addition to the favour tags, they also supply personalised place cards, also available in different colours and designs – how fun are they…

Both the favour tags and place cards are made from 100% recycled paper and contain a mixture of English Daisy, Sweet Alyssum and Snapdragon seeds.  And the designs include this sweet bird on a branch option…

Finally, for all those crafty, DIY brides out there, they also sell handmade seeded paper, ideal for creating your own wedding stationery, thank you cards, or any other paper products.  The colours available include white, pink, blue, lavender, green and yellow, as well as a white or cream paper with petals.

The paper is also suitable to go through an ink-jet printer, which is essential for the handmade brides, as let’s face it, only the very dedicated want to hand write every single invitation.  I certainly wasn’t one of those incredible brides!

Deborah from Favour Haven told me that she planted some of the paper and has enjoyed watching the seeds germinate and grown into seedlings.  So if you’re looking for something a bit different, with that English country garden feel, and eco-friendly credentials, perhaps these gorgeous seeded paper items would be fitting for your wedding.


Bonnie Coupland on 27. July, 2011

Love these!

CharlieB on 29. July, 2011

Really pleased you like them, I think they’re really sweet :)

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