As my wedding date gets nearer and I begin to worry about walking down the aisle with an audience of 70, I remind myself that Kate Middleton will have an estimated audience of 2 billion – then I feel much better.

While I haven’t embraced Royal wedding fever with the same gusto as some, I have been thinking about ‘the’ dress.  Whatever Kate chooses will no doubt set wedding dress trends for years to come.  I hope she incorporates a little bit of vintage and ethical.

Lucy Tammam, owner and designer at the House of Tammam has sent me her Royal wedding predictions.  Over the last few seasons they have seen brides lean more towards hand embellishments and colour detailing, with Kate’s dress likely to have hundreds of man-hours invested to create a truly unique gown.

Tammam also expect to receive more requests for sleeves and extra long trains after the 29th.  For a subtler sleeves, Lucy recommends selecting a sheer fabric like organza (as seen on their “Kate” dress above) or lace and have this mirrored in petticoats and detailing on the dress.

Tammam’s new Bridal Couture collection is now available in select boutiques throughout the UK and online, starting at £950.  The new collection includes the “Josephine” dress which is hand embroidered with banana yarn, and the “Kate” dress which uses block print detailing.

All of Tammam’s garments are fair trade, ethically produced, sustainable and environmentally friendly – most definitely fit for a Royal princess and the rest of us brides-to-be.

For more information and to view the full collection, visit


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