There are some lovely companies out there producing natural petal confetti and some like the lovely Rosie at Bespoke Confetti even grow the flowers to produce the petals.

I have been inspired by some of the creative and alternative ideas they have for using natural petal confetti, and knew I had to share them with you.

Natural petal confetti scattered around your table centrepieces – perfect for a vintage wedding

Natural petal confetti in paper cones at the entrance to the church – perfect for a country wedding

Dried flower heads to adorn your flowergirls or bridesmaids hair – perfect for a rustic wedding

The natural petal confetti is available direct from Bespoke Confetti’s website in a variety of beautiful colours.  They also sell a variety of baskets and paper cones to hold the confetti.

If you would like to order the dried flower heads for your wedding, please contact Rosie at and mention where you heard about them.


Online Florists on 2. May, 2011

Some beautiful flowers here. Great arrangment.

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