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I had wanted to make this month’s creative project with those cute miniature pumpkins that start to appear in the shops in the lead up to Halloween, but I was unable to find any.  Instead, I have used a pomegranate, which works equally well as a place name holder.

At the bottom of this post you’ll find some other lovely place name holders using fruit.  If you’re looking for a low cost creative option for your wedding, this creative project couldn’t be any simpler.


To make your pomegranate place name holders you will need:

A pomegranate
A sharp knife
A small piece of card (or ready made place name)
A pen to write on your guests names (silver or gold would be lovely for an Autumn/Winter wedding)

Simply take your pomegranate, and using the sharp knife carefully trim any knobbly bits off the underside of the pomegranate – this is to make your pomegranate sit evenly on your table without wobbling about.

Next, using the knife, cut a slit across the stem of the pomegranate but not into the fruit itself – this is where you’ll slide your place name card.

For your place name, take you card and write the name of your guest onto it.  You could choose a colour that fits into your colour scheme to tie them into the rest of your wedding.

Carefully slide the place name card into the pre-cut slit in the pomegranate stem and there you have it – a very simple, but beautiful way to display your place names.  Pop each pomegranate place name holder onto your table in your guests place.

Once your wedding is over, your guests could take their pomegranate with them, you could collect them together and use the jewel-like seeds for a meal the following day for your close family, or why not incorporate them into your wedding meal and let people add the pomegranate seeds to a dish that you serve, like this golden beetroot and pomegranate salad?


Here’s some other great examples of fruit used as place name holders, including the pumkin idea I wanted to share with you:

Image: unknown

Image: The Knot

Image: Country Living

Image: The Knot

Image: Once Wed


Liv on 5. October, 2009

great idea! i love love love apples! really addiceted to them. never thought about using them as deco or place name holders. pomegranate also looks rad.

Joanne Wotherspoon on 5. October, 2009

I’m totally in love with this idea for place card holders! These will be wonderful for wedding celebrations; however, I can easily picture variations of this theme working for other occasions as well. In fact, I’m going to use the mini pumpkins for our Thanksgiving place settings.

Thanks so much for sharing this idea!


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