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The lovely Ruth Singer has provided an exclusive tutorial for visitors to The Natural Wedding Company blog – a ‘how to’ guide to making one of her beautiful Camelia flower corsages.

Ruth will guide you through how to create your own corsages perfect for brides or bridesmaids using fabric remnants – perhaps even left over material from making your own wedding dress!  These flowers are really simple to make and work well with heavy weight satin and silk dress fabrics.


Before you start, download your petal templates and print them out.

Start by cutting out 7 large petals and 5 small ones – make sure you iron the fabric before you start.  There’s no need to draw round the template, simply pin it to a scrap of fabric, cut around it roughly then trim to size following the template {1, 2 + 3}.

ruth singer1

ruth singer2

ruth singer3

Make the petal shaping – thread a small needle {4} and knot the ends together creating a strong double thread.

ruth singer4

Starting at one straight edge of the petal, stitch in and out across the straight edge {5}.

ruth singer5

Pull up the thread and fasten with two stitches on the underside, in the folds {6 + 7}.

ruth singer6

ruth singer7

Repeat for all petals {8}.

ruth singer8

Draw twice around a pot about 4-5cm wide onto the scrap of felt to make two circles {9}.

ruth singer9

Cut them out {10}.

ruth singer10

Take one felt circle and using a double thread as before, sew the first large petal on to the edge of the felt, as shown {11}.  Don’t put it too near the centre, or too near the edge, but somewhere between.

Stitch up and down through the felt so you down pucker the felt.

ruth singer11

Repeat with all the other large petals, overlapping them slightly.  Then sew the small petals into the centre of the felt circle, again overlapping slightly {12}.

ruth singer12

Sew the button into the centre of the flower, making sure it covers all the stitching {13}.

ruth singer13

Take the second felt circle.  Sew the safety pin onto the centre of the circle, stitching as shown {14}.  Make sure you don’t sew the open side of the pin!  Fasten the thread firmly on the reverse side.

ruth singer14

Place the pin side of the felt to cover the stitched felt base of the flower.  Sew around the edge, joining the two circles together, keeping the stitches nice and neat {15}.

ruth singer15

And there you have it – your finished Camelia corsage!

ruth singer16

Have you created your own Camellia flower corsage using Ruth’s tutorial?  If so, send us a picture of your finished corsage and we’ll post some on the blog.

And if you don’t rate your sewing skills but would love to incorporate these flower corsages into your wedding day, head over to Ruth’s website and buy one ready made!

If you’d like to create more of Ruth Singer’s beautiful projects she’s written a fab book called ‘Sew It Up’ which is available from her website or Amazon.

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Savannah on 17. October, 2009

Awesome blog!

I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

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Erin on 3. September, 2011

These are absolutely adorable! Thanks for the tutorial! 🙂

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