How to get natural boho wedding make-up // Bethany Jane Davies // The Natural Wedding Company

You’ve got your instructions and inspiration for natural boho wedding hair (and if you haven’t go check it out), so today we’re going to share with you how to get this natural wedding make-up perfect for the down-to-earth boho bride.

I don’t wear a lot of make-up myself and for my own wedding day I wanted that beautiful look that almost looked like I wasn’t wearing make-up (read about it here). It’s a bit like the popular ‘just-picked from a meadow’ wedding flower style, which is very much not just picked and involves lots of creative genius behind-the-scenes in order to achieve a really natural look.

It sounds a bit daft doesn’t, “dear make-up artist, please use make-up to make me look like I’m not wearing make-up”… But they do it, and today we have Bethany Jane Davies from The Vintage Beauty Parlour to show us how to (attempt at least!) achieve this natural boho bride look for ourselves.

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