Edible flower peach coloured cocktails

I am thoroughly enjoying sharing (and reading) all these wonderful guest blog posts from some of the great wedding businesses listed on the directory. On the blog today it’s one of my favourite subjects – edible flowers.  For me there is something rather romantic about the idea of eating flowers, perhaps it’s in my DNA because as a crawling baby I was often found in the garden eating flowers.

Today’s blog post on edible flowers from Jan at Maddocks Farm Organics is much more sophisticated, sharing some great ideas for using edible flowers in your wedding cocktails and drinks. The perfect grown-up use for edible flowers for the girl who enjoyed snacking on them as a child. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who loves the idea of a scrumptious cocktail adorned with edible flowers?

Over to Jan to share her suggestions for adding edible flowers to your wedding drinks (and here’s a feature she did on edible flower wedding favours)…

Rum cocktail with tagetes and non-alcoholic mojito with mallow petals

Above left: A dark and stormy rum cocktail with a twist of lime and citrussy tagetes; Above right: a non-alcoholic mojito with fresh mint, a squeeze of lime and stunning mallow ‘heart’ petals

Edible flowers work brilliantly in wedding drinks irrespective of whether your wedding is a formal ‘champagne all the way’ kind of do or whether you are casually pitching a teepee in the back garden and opting for the DIY route.

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Nothing But The Grape organic wine and Prosecco

We have a super exciting exclusive offer for our readers today – a 10% discount on all orders of wine and Prosecco from Nothing But The Grape, who specialise in organic fine wines.  No wedding is complete without some bubbly to celebrate with, so why celebrate with wine produced on vineyards that respect and nurture their soil, vines and grapes.

Nothing But The Grape are a small independent wine importer, who believe “that all good wine comes from good grapes and we believe that organic methods of farming can produce the ripest and healthiest grapes, which in turn can produce wines of the highest quality.”  They care so much about their wines and where they come from, that there’s a whole section on their website where you can find out about the producers.

Nothing But The Grape organic wine and Prosecco

If like me, you don’t really know too much about which wine goes with what type of food, you can take your wedding menu and look at Nothing But The Grape’s food pairing suggestions on their website to match the perfect tipple to your meal.

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