seasonal autumn wedding

Timeless autumn wedding in Lithuania

You might well have spied this stunning autumn wedding from Lithuania out on the web already, but when I saw it I just knew that it was the kind of wedding that you’d love to see – so I got in touch with photographer Svetlana Batura to ask if I might share it.

autumn apple berry wedding bouquet

For me this beautiful Lithuanian wedding is one of those timeless weddings that just melts my heart – it has a few exquisite season-inspired details, a couple very much in love, and other than that it makes the most of the landscape and time of year in which it takes place.

Svetlana Batura Photography

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This time next year I might be married!  Saturday 21st May 2011 is one of two dates we are considering for our wedding next year.

My mom left a lovely voice message this morning saying that her and my dad sat sipping a glass of wine and wondering last night if they’d be in the middle of a wedding – our wedding.  How sweet!

But it’s true, in one year time I could be married and that is quite scary still.  Exciting, but scary.  I shall leave you with some beautiful photographs from a beautiful wedding – I am inspired and aspire to a wedding like this…

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