Wedding dress made from jasmine flowers

What could be more beautiful than a wedding dress made from jasmine flowers for a bride who grew up and got married in her home of Bali?  I have been totally sucked into the beauty of this wedding, of how it so effortlessly sits within its setting.

Natural Bali wedding

Having watched two TED talks by the bride and her father, it’s quite apparent that this whole family is committed to sustainability and the natural world, in a way most of us can only dream about.

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Natural wedding

I look at a lot of weddings, and whilst I don’t think it’s my place to say if I don’t like one as much as another (after all, it’s someone’s special day and everyone’s entitled to choose what makes them happy), there are those weddings that I come across that I just fall head-over-heels in-love with.

Ceremony space with fir cone heart

If I stop to try and work out what it is that makes me have those feelings – you just know when you see them, I’m sure you have the same reaction when you come across inspiration for your own wedding – I think it’s perhaps the way of life they evoke in my mind, a blissful and down-to-earth place that I dream of in my imagination.

Natural flower crown

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Timeless Australian wedding

I must admit that I rarely come across weddings that I find myself sitting there, scrolling back and forth between all the images.  This wedding is one of those rare ones.  There seem to be some beautiful and timeless weddings coming from Australia at the moment that are so down-to-earth, natural and effortless in the way they have come together.

The photos are taken by Tim Coulson, who also captured this Australian farm wedding I shared with you, and they have a magical quality to them.  Do enjoy some of my favourite details…

A gorgeous bridal bouquet of dried wildflowers…

Dried wildflower bridal bouquet

Rustic and natural handmade wedding programmes…

Rustic and natural wedding programmes

Timeless wedding

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Timeless farm wedding

I spotted this sweet farm wedding last week and thought there were some lovely bits I wanted to share with you all, however when one of my favourite blogs mentioned it I was even more compelled to share some of it here.

I have only recently come across Kate’s blog longest acres, but am totally addicted and have spent the past few weeks reading through the every post.  Do you ever come across blogs like that?  Even though I think Kate is the same age as me, she is the kind of girl/woman I aspire to be, and has a lovely, simple life that I would be happy to achieve just a fraction of one day.

Rustic farm wedding

What’s the connection to this pretty farm wedding, you ask?  Kate mentioned on her blog this week that she has got to know Mckenzie, the bride in this heartmelting wedding, who also lives a similar farm life and writes another blog that I look set to get lost in.  I wanted to share some of their wedding because, for me, it sums up what a wedding should be about – in the words of Kate, “that it will be filled with our family, animals,  and friends. and so it will be beautiful.”

Natural bride

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Timeless natural wedding

Sometimes a wedding comes along that evokes all kinds of feelings inside me that I almost can’t explain – I find those bigger questions in life bubbling to the surface, although I can’t really put my finger on it.

Rustic and natural wedding

When I stumbled across this beautiful Australian wedding, it really captured me, and I shall have to put it down to how genuine it seemed to be – truly a representation of the couple (Harriet and Mat) who were getting married.  Nothing about it feels contrived or put on, it’s just natural, real and utterly lovely.

Rustic groom

I could have easily sent you a link to the original blog feature I saw, but I so loved this wedding that I got in touch with the photographer Tim Coulson to ask if I could share additional pictures which were featured on his blog.  So a big thank you to Tim for letting me share this beautiful wedding with you.

Australian bush farm wedding

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seasonal autumn wedding

Timeless autumn wedding in Lithuania

You might well have spied this stunning autumn wedding from Lithuania out on the web already, but when I saw it I just knew that it was the kind of wedding that you’d love to see – so I got in touch with photographer Svetlana Batura to ask if I might share it.

autumn apple berry wedding bouquet

For me this beautiful Lithuanian wedding is one of those timeless weddings that just melts my heart – it has a few exquisite season-inspired details, a couple very much in love, and other than that it makes the most of the landscape and time of year in which it takes place.

Svetlana Batura Photography

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This might just be one of my favourite weddings ever.  I love the simplicity of it: the beautiful scenery, pretty dress, and everyone dressed in their rain coats huddling beneath umbrellas does all the speaking.  There’s no need for overly fussy details.

That being said, there are a few fun details, like the handmade flags and these gorgeous giant paper flowers.

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