TNWC Real Brides: Kerry’s sharing details of her brown card wedding festival programmes and hessian crafting

It is so lovely to be joined by a new group of brides-to-be for the TNWC Real Brides series here on the blog. Last time we heard about Kerry and Nick’s initial plans for their festival inspired wedding, and today Kerry is back with more details on the crafting they’ve been up to.

Over to Kerry to dish the details…

Planning, Making and Gluing

So, it’s May, the last 5 months have been spent; planning, meeting, researching, making and gluing.

We spent hours deliberating over the invites (featured in my last blog post). We both had different ideas of what we wanted, so it was quite tricky to find a middle way. In the end we decided on a PDF printable from STH Blue on Etsy.

Niki customised one of her standard invites especially for ‘Kipstival the Wedding’ and we LOVED it, it’s so personal to us and unique. We liked the postcard RSVP idea, and have had lots of lovely responses back already.

TNWC Real Brides: Kerry’s sharing details of her brown card wedding festival programmes and hessian crafting

Festival Wedding Programme

The next piece of stationery we created was the programs. We wanted to create something which would inform our guests of what’s happening next. A kind of playlist of the day, as it will be broken up into various sections around the farm. This introduced our first conundrum – what are our timings for the day?

TNWC Real Brides: Kerry’s sharing details of her brown card wedding festival programmes and hessian crafting

We had to sit down, walk through it in our minds, and try and agree on both format and timings; we got there in the end, after a number of hours sat at the kitchen table and a few glasses of wine! Once that was sorted, we then decided on a front cover and I used old festival programs, which I’ve hoarded over the years, as inspiration for a ‘With thanks’ section on the back page.

I’d bought a pack of blank cards with natural brown envelopes from Papermania, we used the envelopes to send our invites, but had the left over cards, so I put these to good use, and had the programs printed on these. I also wanted to include a handful of confetti in the program, I’d seen a Pin on Pinterest that I liked, so I consulted The Natural Wedding Company directory and found The Confetti Farm.

TNWC Real Brides: Kerry’s sharing details of her brown card wedding festival programmes and hessian crafting

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TNWC Real Brides: Lisa has been getting her guests in the festival mood with quirky invitations

Your ‘save the dates’ and wedding invitations are often the first thing that tells your guests what to expect from your wedding – I remember when we were making ours that I really wanted them to hint at what our wedding would be like to our family and friends. 

TNWC Real Bride Lisa is sharing their quirky wedding invitations with hand drawn illustrations for their festival inspired wedding in Wales. I love how they look like a ticket – perfect!

Over to Lisa to tell you all about them…

Quirky invitations to get our guests into the festival mood

There is nothing nicer than receiving mail; it’s like a little journey back in time. I don’t mean all that junk mail that litters the mat but birthday cards, Christmas cards, good old fashioned letters and my absolute favourite, invitations. I remember getting my first birthday invitation when I was very young and have loved receiving them ever since.

So for me the invitations to our big day were important, they can really set the tone of your wedding. They can fit into the colour scheme; let the guest know if it’s an elegant, traditional affair or a more quirky, unusual celebration and can really get the excitement going.

TNWC Real Brides: Lisa has been getting her guests in the festival mood with quirky invitations

Our save the dates were free printable designs from the company that we used for our invitations, we very simply printed them on some good quality card and made them into bookmarks. I then punched a hole at the top, threaded some pretty ribbon through and made a little tie – that was pretty much it. Very simple, very economical and I felt very effective. It was from here that I explored a bit more about the company Something Kinda Cute.

For the invitations, we did really wanted to push the boat out. In my original blog I wrote that I wanted to make my own invitations to give it a real personal touch, however when I saw these particular designs I fell in love with them and thought they fitted our theme perfectly.

TNWC Real Brides: Lisa has been getting her guests in the festival mood with quirky invitations

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'Wedfest' bell tent hire from

I love camping. There’s no better setting than the great outdoors to allow you time and space to unplug, live simply and take pleasure in the smallest of details. Writing today’s post reminded me why we chose tipis for our own wedding – the laid-back atmosphere they instantly create and the freedom to choose a location put them right at the top of our list.

Luxury bell tents from Cariad Canvas - photography

These days, families and friends are so often spread out across the country and beyond, it’s no surprise that many couples want to make the most of having everyone in one place and turn their wedding into to a weekend long celebration.

If you’re considering this for your wedding but don’t know where to start, then we have good news for you. Fabulous TNWC business Cariad Canvas, who provide luxury canvas accommodation for guests, have teamed up with Wedding Tipi to create packages that offer couples their very ‘pop up’ wedding festival.

Tipi interior with bunting from Wedding Tipi - photography

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TNWC Real Brides: introducing Kerry and Nick's Somerset festival farm wedding

Our fourth TNWC Real Bride is Kerry, who is marrying her Mr of fifteen years this summer at the beautiful Cowparsley Weddings in Somerset – one of our fab recommended wedding venues and a pretty special place that I visited last summer.

Over to Kerry to tell you all about it…

Hmmmm, how should I start?….Ummm, well – I’m Kerry (Hi!) my friends call me Potts (my surname’s Potter….not for much longer). I’m 36 and I’m marrying my long term boyfriend, Nick this August (eek). We’ve been together 15 years this year, and already have our little family made with our kids; Amber (9) and Finn (7).

TNWC Real Brides: introducing Kerry and Nick's Somerset festival farm wedding

Nick and I met on a Monopoly pub crawl in London back in September ’99. We hit it off straight away, and saw each other every weekend from then on, until I went to Thailand for the millennium with my best friend. Whilst I was away we realised we had something kinda cool going on, so when I got back we moved in together.

After 4 years, 5 house moves, a fair few festivals and a few more crazy nights out, we discovered we were pregnant with our first child; Amber. We suddenly had to grow up, so we bought a flat in Hackney and settled down. Sixteen months later, we were pregnant again, this time with Finn. By now we felt it was time to leave the city and decided to head for the country, so in 2008 we up sticks and move to Taunton in Somerset.

TNWC Real Brides: introducing Kerry and Nick's Somerset festival farm wedding

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TNWC Real Brides: introducing Lisa and Tom's Welsh country folk festival wedding

It’s time to introduce you to our second TNWC Real Bride of the year – her name is Lisa and she’s getting married to her Mr-to-be Tom this coming July in South Wales. As well as sharing some of her lovely wedding plans, we have another sweet love story today.

Over to Lisa…

TNWC Real Brides: introducing Lisa and Tom's Welsh country folk festival wedding

I am and never have been one to be rushed, so when my long term partner Tom asked me to marry him back in June 2012 I knew that our engagement was going to be a long term affair. It’s not that I didn’t want to get married in a year, it’s just I always wanted a DIY wedding and knew that this would take time.

I know many other brides to be who would have easily managed everything that I am trying to do within a year but that just isn’t me. I felt as though I wanted to relish and savour my engagement and by making it last over two years I felt I was relieving some of the pressures and stresses that I was determined to avoid.

TNWC Real Brides: introducing Lisa and Tom's Welsh country folk festival wedding

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Emma and Chris’ outdoor festival wedding – photography

Relaxed festival wedding

Well what an utterly wonderful way this is to start the week – a stunning, sunny, Cornish wedding. The wedding of one of my lovely TNWC Real Brides from last year, Emma (you can read all about her wedding planning and handmade details here). I do hope you’ll check back tomorrow as well as I have their wedding film to share and it is a feel-good way to begin your day.

Emma and Chris got married in July on a stonking hot sunny day in Cornwall. They planned a day that was relaxed and informal, full of colour and with a festival type vibe. I’ll let you decide but I think they achieved all those things they dreamed their day would be.

Over to Emma…

Seasonal summer bouquet of coral peonies and yellow poppies by – photography

Emma and Chris’ outdoor festival wedding – photography

Colourful summer wedding bouquets by – photography

“The Natural Wedding Company and Pinterest played a bit part in the planning process. I used the internet to search for all sorts of things! I  also bought a sketchbook and started scrap booking images and very quickly formed a strong theme for the day.  Most the ideas came from the festival theme – we booked the venue and the flags in the same day – the rest sort of followed naturally.”

“I just want to say that despite the hiccups nothing could have ruined our day – it was just perfect in its imperfection – all the bits that didn’t go according to plan just make for good memories. Something will always go awry but it is those differences that make your special day yours and your only – and the things you will chuckle about when old and grey!”

Bride and groom on beach – photography

Bridesmaid in coral pink dresses and wedding campervan – photography

Emma and Chris’ outdoor festival wedding – photography

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Wedding flower styling with garden roses, hawthorn, and autumn fruits by Fletcher & Foley

I can hardly believe that Christmas is so near now!  This year has gone by in such a whirlwind for me what with having little Tilly at the end of the summer, and I imagine all of your brides- and grooms-to-be who are getting hitched next summer will be feeling like it’s not long now once the New Year is upon us.

Today I have another lovely treat from one of our recommended wedding suppliers.  This guest post has been put together by Joanne of Fletcher & Foley (a fab Manchester based florist) using the same selection of flowers and foliage, but in three quite different styles: Rustic, Vintage, and ‘Wedstival’.  I love the selection of old pots Joanne’s used for the vintage styling, but I most like her use of colour for the ‘Wedstival’ theme, perfect for all of you inspired by summer festivals for your wedding day.

Over to Joanne…

Colourful festival inspired wedding flowers by Fletcher & Foley

Autumnal festival style wedding flowers by Fletcher & Foley

Get the look

Getting the styling right for your wedding can be a daunting prospect.  So much to think of.  In fact writing this blog I’m a little worried myself  as to where to start.  Ok, let’s start with a little inspiration, and this can come from anywhere.  Without rambling too much, a visit from my mother-in-law means a whole heap of glossy magazines will be left behind.  A trend piece in Vogue.  It screams autumn.

Inspiration for wedding flowers from magazines

Using key words may help.  For this little project I’m going to break it down into three wedding trends.  Rustic, Vintage and Wedstival.

See what we’re doing here?  Building up a picture of the overall feel for the big day by taking it slowly. Not getting bogged down in too much detail. No micro managing. Giving yourself a break so you can enjoy it.

The flowers

From a florist’s viewpoint, it doesn’t matter if you know nothing about flowers.  Give us some idea of colour and seasonality or if you prefer a particular flower and let us do the work.  Or even just tell us what you don’t like. That can often guide us in the right direction too.

Hydrangeas and ferns in vintage pots by Fletcher & Foley

I used the following flowers and foliage for the three wedding themes: Amaranthus, Dahlia, Free Spirit and Coffee Break Roses, Sedum, Hydrangea, Elder Berries, Nigella (Love in the Mist), Rosemary, Aster, Cornflower, Eryngium, Hawthorn, Scabious Seed Head, Mokara orchid, Rowan, and Virginia Creeper.

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