Harriet and Paul’s homemade eco-friendly wedding – photography

Eco-friendly wedding on a community farm

One of the best parts of my job is when an email pops into my inbox from a bride who has been inspired by ideas they’ve found here on my blog, and used some of the wonderful suppliers we feature in our directory.

Today’s bride, Harriet, sent me one such email shortly after I had my baby last autumn. She described her wedding to me and I fell in love with her commitment to creating her wedding with love, making many things by hand, and doing so all on a budget. It was so nice to hear she was inspired by my blog, and now I hope by sharing her wedding here you too can be inspired by her.

Over to Harriet…

Harriet and Paul’s homemade eco-friendly wedding – photography

Vintage wedding car – photography

Harriet and Paul got married on the last day of August at Riverbourne Community Farm in Salisbury, in a wedding full of handmade details and surrounded by their loved ones.

“We wanted a homemade, eco-friendly wedding. We didn’t have a huge budget as we were both students so I handmade most things and sourced lots of car boot sales, charity shops and recycled lots from friend’s weddings (such as bunting). 

Dried flower crown from – photography

Dried lavender in an earthenware pot – photography

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Tamara and Ed’s elegant country wedding – photography

Elegant country wedding

It’s been all about farm receptions in recent real weddings, and today’s beautiful wedding is another stunning example of a simple but elegant way to hold a party in a barn. Tamara and Ed’s wedding was sent to me by their photographers Louise and Teo, who run Taylor & Porter Photographs, one of our recommended suppliers on the directory, who only use film cameras and do so capturing exquisite images.

Over to Tamara to share their wedding day with you…

Tamara and Ed’s elegant country wedding – photography

Elegant vintage wedding tables with wild flowers and grasses – photography

Tamara and Ed’s elegant country wedding – photography

Elegant rustic barn wedding – photography

Tamara and Ed got married on the last day of August, one what looks like an incredibly bright sunny day in the Dorset countryside. “We got married at Powerstock Church in Dorset. I wanted it here because my mother and father were married there.”

Tamara and Ed’s elegant country wedding – photography

Wild and natural country church wedding flowers – photography

Tamara and Ed’s elegant country wedding – photography

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Nik and Chris’ chilled out rustic coastal farm wedding – photography

Rustic coastal farm wedding

In the past few years of running my business I have been lucky enough to meet and make some lovely friends, many of whom I know will be lifelong friends. I met Nik, today’s bride, two years ago, when she won a place on a cut flower course via the blog and we spent a day together learning how to grow and arrange homegrown flowers.

Since then I’ve followed Nik’s adventures as she has moved to Wales and set up her own business, and last summer when I was heavily pregnant I saw her again when we holidayed in Cardigan. It is an absolute pleasure to share Nik and Chris’ wedding with you all, it is utterly beautiful but completely down-to-earth and full of love and laughter – which seems to me a true reflection of this sweet and kind couple.

Chalkboard wedding sign – photography

Nik and Chris’ chilled out rustic coastal farm wedding – photography

Rustic bride with chicken – photography

Nik and Chris got married last July on the farm where they live in Wales, with a beautiful outdoor ceremony, champagne on the beach, and a chilled out barn reception. If you are having any wobbles about staying true to yourselves when planning your wedding, or whether it’s possible to have a beautiful wedding on a budget, then this is the wedding for you.

By now, if you’re a regular blog reader you’ll have also probably recognised Nik as she was one of our TNWC Real Brides – you can read all about her wedding planning and handmade details here.

White lace bridesmaid dresses – photography

This wedding was captured by Pete Cranston, who is one of our recommended photographers on the directory.  Do pop back to the blog tomorrow as I have Nik and Chris’ wedding video to share, which brings to life their wedding day

Over to Nik to…

Rustic barn wedding venue – photography

Rustic barn wedding tables – photography

Bride on a horse – photography

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Caroline and Gareth’s homemade farm wedding – photography

Spring farm wedding (part two)

Yesterday I featured the first part of Caroline and Gareth’s beautiful spring wedding on their farm in Nottinghamshire. If you missed it – oh no! Make yourself a cup of tea and go click on the link to read part one. If you’re back to see the final part of their wedding, enjoy!

As well as all the gorgeous pictures from their rustic and homemade wedding reception you’ll also find their wedding film at the bottom of the post, to bring their whole wedding a little more to life.

Oh, and don’t miss the part where Caroline cuts up her wedding dress…mid-wedding…yes, really.

>> View Caroline and Gareth’s spring farm wedding (part one) here <<

Rustic barn wedding – photography

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses – photography

Dairy cow table name flags – photography

Caroline and Gareth’s homemade farm wedding – photography

Country wedding flowers – photography

Finally, I want to say a huge thank you to Caroline for sharing all of her wedding plans as TNWC Real Bride, to her wedding photographer Milestones Photography, and to all you wonderful readers who come visit the blog to read about these fab weddings.

Over to Caroline…

Vintage hankie table plan – photography

Lace backed wedding dress – photography

White wedding vintage post box – photography

Caroline and Gareth’s homemade farm wedding – photography

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Caroline and Gareth’s homemade farm wedding – photography

Spring farm wedding (part one)

I have a super special real wedding to share with you today. For regular readers or those who’ve been following last year’s TNWC Real Brides you probably remember the lovely Caroline who was planning her wedding with a real focus on homemade details and supporting local businesses.

Back in May last year she tied the knot with her Mr-to-be Gareth, on their farm in Nottinghamshire, and today I have the delight of sharing all their official photographs from their beautiful day. Caroline has also shared so much of what went into their day and how it went, I’m sure that many brides-to-be out there will find not only creative inspiration but reassurance ahead of their wedding day.

>> View Caroline and Gareth’s spring farm wedding (part two) here <<

Caroline and Gareth’s homemade farm wedding – photography

Seasonal pastel coloured May flowers – photography - flowers

Caroline and Gareth’s homemade farm wedding – photography

Vintage button hair comb – photography

Before I hand over, I want to start with this wonderful quote from Caroline, that I think is so beautifully worded about what your wedding day is really all about:

“At times it was hard work and with the weather not on our side we were really tested (big puddles all over the barn floor after a torrential downpour 2 days before the wedding worried us a little!) but on the day, none of it really matters. You’ll always have the best day ever, surrounded by all the people you love the most and at the end of it all you’ll be Mr and Mrs, and at the beginning of an amazing adventure through life together – and that’s really what its all about.”

Seasonal spring bridesmaids bouquets – photography - flowers

Over to Caroline to tell you all about her wedding day…

“We knew what we definitely didn’t want was a traditional, formal, wedding day feel to the day and the style was most definitely a handmade, relaxed, informal country wedding and just a jolly good knees up really! We were both bought up in the country, for our second date Gareth bought me a pair of wellies and we took his dogs for a long walk around the farm which I think was pretty much the moment I knew he was ‘the one’, so it seemed quite fitting to have a wedding that gave us a chance to get our wellies on!”

Happily Ever After wedding sign – photography

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Izzy Burton Illustration

This lovely TNWC Real Bride has become someone I consider as a friend, so it’s been a real treat to hear all about her wedding day (and I’ve been buried in all her ‘official’ wedding photos recently which will soon be gracing these blog pages).  Nik and Chris had, what I think was a very chilled out and down-to-earth wedding (two in fact!) back in July, with champagne on the beach and lots of animal appearances on the farm where they live in Wales.

Over to Nik…

Pete Cranston Photography

Six Months On

Recently we celebrated our six month wedding anniversary (ok, I know, not technically an anniversary, but nice to acknowledge it all the same). By a happy coincidence, it turned out our wedding caterer, Trehale Farm, were hosting their annual wassail on the same night, so it seemed quite fitting for us to go along to toast the apple trees, drink cider, eat great food and commemorate our first wedded milestone.

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Izzy Burton illustration

We’ve had a little break from our TNWC Real Brides but we’re back today with the lovely Caroline who got married back in May.  Along with her now husband Gareth, they planned a beautiful and laid back wedding on their farm in Nottinghamshire.  It has been a long time coming but I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading about her day and soon I hope to share her official wedding photos.

Over to Caroline…

Wow – has it really been 6 months since our wedding day!  I really can’t quite believe how much time has flown, and in some ways, our day seems like a lifetime ago, but in others it feels like yesterday!

I know everyone says that your wedding day is the best day of your life, but it really, really is!  We had the most magical day right from the second we woke up and it wasn’t raining (hooray!!) until we finally stopped dancing at 2am, and were whisked away to a secret location for our first night as Mr and Mrs Stafford.

Caroline and Gareth's eco-friendly farm wedding

The days leading up to the wedding were heaps of fun and not nearly as stressful as I had feared they might be!  I left my little shop in the capable hands of mum and my now mother-in-law and had the whole week to get things ready.

In the months before our big day, apart from cleaning the barn (which to be fair was a fairly big job!!) Gareth had a pretty easy ride of it, but in the last week, bless him, I don’t think he managed to get much sleep! 400 metres of bunting was hung, along with 400 metres of fairy lights and about 100 paper pom poms and he spent most days up on the roof of the barn trying to repair a few leaky spots (the forecast for our wedding day was looking pretty dismal) and around all of this he had 500 cows to milk every day!

The day before the wedding was full on from the crack of dawn – Karen from Darby and Joan arrived at 8am to help start dressing the barn, and within an hour the transformation was already looking pretty special.  The only word to describe Karen was ‘amazing.’

Rustic decorated barn for a farm wedding

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