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Get an exclusive 20% discount on beautiful bougainvillea petal confetti from Bespoke Confetti


Bougainvillea petal confetti

This bougainvillea petal confetti is pretty stunning, and not something I’d come across before until an email popped into my inbox from Rosie at Bespoke Confetti.  I think it would be particularly fitting for an autumn wedding (the petals remind me of leaves!) but it would be lovely at any time of the year.

Plus, Bespoke Confetti are offering an exclusive discount to TNWC readers – you can get 20% off your order of bougainvillea petal confetti when placed before 31st January 2013.  I’m a huge fan of real petal confetti, Rosie from Bespoke Confetti even gifted me some of their beautiful mixes for my own wedding last year.

Rosie tells me, “Our bougainvillea petal is hand-picked and air-dried.  The colours are beautiful for autumn, embracing all the autumnal hues of mellow orange and salmons, burnt russets and golds.  It looks glorious laid as carpet in an entrance, as a table decoration, and works really well as throwing confetti.  It is a completely natural confetti, biodegradable, and as such considered non littering and eco-friendly.  It will blow away with the wind and weather, and become autumns rich compost.”

Natural bougainvillea wedding confetti

If you’re here reading The Natural Wedding Company blog and using the directory to help you find wedding suppliers with eco credentials, like me you probably like to know a little about the story behind the products you’re buying.  Well, Rosie from Bespoke Confetti kindly told me about the bougainvillea petal confetti and how they came to include it in their products.

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