I am trying to make up my mind which of these two vintage inspired confetti mixes I want for my wedding.  These samples arrived in the post from Bespoke Confetti and I can’t decide which to go for – any thoughts?

There’s this pink, deep pink and ivory mix of dried cornflower and larkspur petals…

Or this lilac, pink and ivory mix…

I immediately am drawn to the deep pink mixture, but feel that the lilac one might tie in better with our wedding.  How do I decide?  Please help!


partiesbykristen on 11. May, 2011

I would choose the one you are most drawn to. Go with your gut. I personally like the deeper pink mixture.

Emma on 12. May, 2011

go for the one you love the most…Ilike the one with deep pink in, it’s more unusual?
Have a wonderful wedding!!

Vintage Feel on 23. May, 2011

I think the first one is gorgeous, but if you have purples in your wedding then the second makes more sense.
Though really, if it gets to the point that we have to colour co-ordinate our confetti we may be in trouble 🙂

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