Beekeepers engagement shoot - photography

Today the lovely Emma from TNWC business Freckle Photography  shares her wisdom on engagement shoots. Personally I think they’re the perfect opportunity to embrace the things you love to do together and take a moment out from the craziness of  wedding planning.

I’m sure these beautiful images featuring beekeepers, vintage railway lovers and camping couples will inspire you to plan something beautiful, fun and memorable to capture the essence of you as a couple.

Over to Emma…

Whilst planning my own wedding last year, I suddenly realised that the thought of being photographed all day terrified me! Not just because I spent my life behind the lens, but because I’m a normal girl with all the usual insecurities about my wobbly bits and the way my face scrunches up a bit too much when I’m really happy.

As for the boys, the idea of being obviously affectionate in ‘public’ and then being photographed can be equally as alarming.

Field engagement photoshoot - photography

What is an engagement shoot and why have one?

I’m sure this is a fairly normal reaction when planning a wedding, which is why I offer a photo shoot prior to the wedding. Sometimes called an ‘engagement shoot’ or a ‘pre-wedding shoot’, the aim is for you and your photographer to get to know one another, dispel any myths about having your photo taken and get some awesome and fun images in the process.

Engagement photoshoot - photography

Despite it being a bit daunting at first, I can tell you within minutes you will be enjoying yourselves. It’s a great excuse to have a bit of time out together, kiss more than you have all week and generally lark about!

Beach engagement photoshoot - photography

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TNWC Real Brides: Miriam's sharing details of the wildflower and sweet bee elements of her natural wedding

It’s been a little quiet on the blog the past couple of weeks as I’ve been away on holiday with my little family to France.

We’re getting stuck back in with a lovely bee related blog post from TNWC Real Bride Miriam – it’s so great to hear how Miriam and John are incorporating meaningful elements into their that have such importance to the both of them.

Over to Miriam to tell you more…

Bee Happy – Love is Sweet

The natural world is very important to both John and I, and we hope to capture the magic of the great outdoors for our wedding guests. This concept fits in perfectly with our wish for an eco wedding and a 1920s style, when overflowing bouquets of locally grown flowers were abundant, as discussed in my last blog post.

Pyrus bee-friendly garden - photography

We have tried our best to sneak beautiful British nature into every aspect of our Big Day, with heady scents and dazzling colour enveloping our guests and transporting them to our own idea of paradise.

Our first exciting wedding job was to create our “Save the date” cards, inspired by Charlie’s now infamous design that inspired the tie-the-knot version. In the place of brown card we used beautiful seeded paper by Wildflower Favours. This not only looks and feels beautiful with a gorgeous weighty quality, but planted in some damp soil allows our guests to grow some of their very own beautiful wild flowers.

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Izzy Burton illustration

I’m so delighted that we had an American bride-to-be amongst our TNWC Real Brides as although British and American weddings are similar in so many ways, there are little extras that I love hearing about.  Stephanie is getting married this September at a beautiful farm in Rhode Island and her guest post today is all about the homemade gifts she made for her bridesmaids and Matron (or Maid) of Honour.

As well as making the gifts herself, she also sourced honey from her dad who is a beekeeper, so really keeping her wedding details in her family.  Plus I am an absolute sucker for honey, always picking up locally produced jars whenever we are visiting new places.  I’m sure you will find some lovely inspiration from Stephanie’s blog post today…

I was really excited about asking my sister and a few girlfriends to be in my wedding party, so I really wanted to do something a bit more personalized and special than simply asking them on the phone or over some coffee.

I’ve been in a dreamcatcher phase lately and have been making them from old scraps of fabric and other items around the house.  They’re pretty basic, but my sister, Dayna, has loved every one; naturally, I decided to make her a dreamcatcher of her very own as a gift when I asked her to be my Matron of Honor.  I also thought it made sense since I’ll be making a few for my reception… I need all the practice I can get!

Homemade dreamcatcher

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afternoon tea inspired wedding stationery

It was lovely this afternoon to discover that one of the newest businesses to join the directory has featured The Natural Wedding Company on their blog.  The delightful Wedding in a Teacup can be found in our Stationery, Details and DIY sections and is a treasure trove of beautiful things for the creative bride.  Lots of their products are sourced ethically or eco-friendly, so a perfect match for the directory.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite products from their wonderful website…

Meant to Bee Honey Favour Stickers

honey favour brown craft label

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Oria Jewellery, one of the businesses listed in the directory, has just released their latest symbolic collection to their stunning range of ethical jewellery.

Their Gold Star collection – including necklaces, rings and earrings – is now available on their website.

Oria Jewellery also create wedding jewellery, from ethical wedding and engagement rings to beautiful bridesmaid gifts.

Coming soon are their new silver collections featuring Bees and playful Jumping Hares – ideal for romantic gifts (get them on your Christmas wish list!).

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