TNWC Real Brides: Miriam tells us her plans to incorporate 1920s elements into her summer wedding


TNWC Real Brides: Miriam tells us her plans to incorporate 1920s elements into her summer wedding

TNWC Real Bride Miriam told us in her introductory blog post that her wedding would be featuring 1920’s details, and today she is telling us more about her plans for incorporating this beautiful era into their celebrations. I was particularly excited to see mention of two TNWC Recommended Suppliers – Pyrus and Lancaster and Cornish – who are involved in their wedding.

Over to Miriam

A nod to the 1920’s

John and I have each individually had a long love affair with the 1920’s. We both naturally suit the fashion, with his Italian heritage crying out for sharp grooming and well-fitting suits, and my frame being of the long-limbed-and-necked variety. Add to that a predilection for period films, classic jazz and Charles Rennie Mackintosh art/design, it was inevitable that some of the 1920’s would find a way into our wedding plans.

This was confirmed when John presented me with the most beautiful art deco style diamond and sapphire engagement ring, and a celebratory surprise mini-break to Paris (which I think of as a “very 1920’s” city).

Art deco sapphires and diamonds…

TNWC Real Brides: Miriam tells us her plans to incorporate 1920s elements into her summer wedding

I proudly admit that I am a huge fan of fancy dress, and I threw some pretty inventive themed parties in my student days, but both John and I are very sure we do not want a “themed” wedding. I found that once you decide you like a style, such as the 1920’s, it is very easy to see hundreds of ideas (Pinterest, Facebook, etc) that look beautiful and fit in perfectly to your theme – and therein lies the problem!

If every detail has a touch of the 1920’s before long you are deep into costume party territory. Finding the balance between a touch of class and OTT can be quite frustrating. This year 1920’s style has had a revival because of the release of the Great Gatsby film. This is both a good and a bad thing for us, as there is fantastic inspiration everywhere, but much of it is along the lines of glittering American over-indulgence fit for the protagonist’s grotesque parties.

I am personally not a huge fan of the Great Gatsby novel (for reasons eloquently expressed by someone else here), but luckily there are plenty of ideas out there to create a more relaxed, traditional European 1920’s feel.

If you are like us and feel drawn to a certain era, I think a two-pronged research is a great place to start: Google and Netflix! I have now looked at hundreds of old or reproduced photographs of 1920’s brides, 1920’s bridesmaids, 1920’s table decorations, 1920’s bouquets, 1920’s hair styles etc.

You can lose hours this way, but all in the name of important research! It is a great task to get your bridesmaids involved in too, especially combined with a girly film marathon to immerse yourself in the era. We have had fun evenings scoffing trial wedding cake and watching Coco Before Chanel, Brideshead Revisited, Bright Young Things, Midnight In Paris and La Vie en Rose.

After this extensive research, we settled on a few key things that give just enough of a nod to the 1920s without overwhelming the day:

  1. The dress: cut and style of the bride and bridesmaid dresses (top secret!).
  2. Write away: using famously iconic 1920’s font for as much of the “paperwork” as possible.
  3. Wildflowers: local, beautiful British flowers in natural, abundant, flowing arrangements. We are lucky to be working with the amazing Pyrus florists who we know will come up with something amazing!
  4. Teapots: our table centrepieces are going to be vintage silver plated (Art Deco and older) teapots, with a few other items like perfume bottles and beautiful brooches to create that ’20s feel.
  5. Lovely lace: using lace everywhere from lace-tape edging our “save the date cards”, to vintage lace doilies scattered on tables, and gorgeous lace flower-ties from the very local and very talented Lancaster and Cornish gives an authentic, softer side of the 1920’s.

Experimenting with teapots, wild flowers and lace for table centre pieces…

Vintage silver-plated teapots, wild flowers and lace for table centre pieces

Images: (1) Photos by Zoe; (2 – 3) Brides own pictures


Emma on 17. June, 2014

Excited to hear your plans for walking the fine line between “themed” and influenced, Miriam! I must admit that I love Fitzgerald’s novel and it holds a special place in my heart as the first text I ever taught. Your centrepieces sound thrilling! x

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