Vicky’s back today to tell us all about the fab vintage railway poster inspired wedding stationery she’s had designed – I love this idea!

>> View Vicky and Steve’s DIY village fete wedding here <<

Over to Vicky…

Vintage railway post inspired invitations

It is now starting to dawn on me that our wedding is a lot closer than I want it to be and there seems to be an awful lot to do!

Much to Steve’s never ending dismay I am the sort of person who buys Christmas presents in October and arrives at the airport at least 6 hours before I should, just to be safe!  Organising a wedding where lots of it can’t be done until much closer to the time is killing me!  And driving him mad – so much so he’s gone off to Scotland on a motorbike holiday for 2 weeks!

However there was one major thing I was able to tick off of my ever-increasing list last month – getting the invitations sent out.


Who to invite to our wedding

The actual process of deciding whom to invite has probably been the hardest part of the planning process for us so far. It seems that trying not to upset anyone while keeping the numbers manageable is a tricky balance.

One of the major issues was whether we should invite children or not. If we invited everyone’s children our numbers rose by about 20 meaning we had less space to invite other close friends. In the end we decided that we couldn’t invite children and luckily all of our friends seem quite relieved by this. They all say they are looking forward to being able to relax and enjoy themselves without worrying if their children are getting bored or restless. One of my bridesmaids is so excited at the prospect of being childfree that she’s booked the grandparents for babysitting duties from the Thursday until the Sunday!

A friend to design our invitations

When we announced our engagement one of my old friends, James, immediately offered to design the invitations for us. As he’s an amazing artist there was no way we were going to say no. I’ve always loved his work and have had a particular hankering for his vintage railway style posters for a long time. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to get him to do one for us.

I love the originals, and we have a couple hanging in our kitchen already – one for Venice and one for South Devon. As our wedding is very much based around our village and Devon it seemed like an obvious choice to make the venue the key feature of the invitations.

Finding the perfect view for our invitations

Finding the perfect view to base the picture on led to a miniature hunt around the village one sunny day. Finally after climbing through hedges, creeping around fields and clambering up walls to try to get a clear shot I managed to get a photo that captured all the key parts of our village. In it you can see the church we will get married in and the ancient tower, which dominates the skyline.

James then set about working his magic and from this….


Came this…


I couldn’t be happier with them, I absolutely love them.

Finished wedding stationery

They aren’t very traditional, we’ve managed to sidestep any hint of a colour scheme (something I’m desperately trying to avoid) and they are totally unique to our day. Personally I wouldn’t mind one stuck up in my house for a few months and I’m hoping our guests feel the same! Steve likes to point out to everyone that potentially these will be the best bit of the wedding and the rest of it will be a total let down being very homemade and rustic!

James also kindly designed the information card for us. We weren’t sure we would bother having one initially, thinking that the website would save both paper and money, but in reality quite a few of our older guests do not have the Internet and there was too much to try and squeeze onto one card.


To save having to lick all the envelopes and make them look a little more special we used gold stickers to seal them, which looked really nice.

Vintage Railway poster inspired table names

Inspired by these we then decided to carry on the vintage poster idea with our table names as they are going to be named after places that we have visited or lived in. I decided to have a go at these myself, there’s only so much you can expect a friend to do sadly!

So after digging out all of the photos we wanted to use I fiddled about on Photoshop adding filters and names and then printed them onto thick card. They aren’t anywhere near as beautiful as James’ but I’m pretty pleased with them. Once they are stood on the tables I think they’ll look great. As long as no one inspects them too closely!!


>> View Vicky and Steve’s DIY village fete wedding here <<

Images: (1 – 5) Brides own pictures


Earcandy on 30. June, 2015

Wow, these are absolutely magnificent! What a unique idea, and they can easily be customized to fit each wedding. Fabulous!

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