TNWC Real Brides: introducing Fern and Dominic's natural woodland bird and wildflower inspired wedding in Somerset

Plans for a natural woodland bird and wildflower inspired wedding

I am pretty excited today to be introducing you to the first of our TNWC Real Brides for 2015! It’s that fun time of the year when emails start to drop into my inbox sharing all kinds of wonderful plans and handmade details from these brides-to-be in the run up to their weddings.

Our first TNWC Real Bride to introduce you to is Fern, who is getting married to her Mr-to-be Dominic this August in Somerset. Both of them have a love of the countryside, and Dominic works as a forester, so they are weaving elements of woodland birds and wildflowers throughout their wedding. I can’t wait to hear more!

>> View Fern and Dominic’s woodland bird and country flower inspired wedding here <<

But for now, over to Fern to give you a little introduction to how they met and their initial wedding ideas…


How we met

Dominic and I have been together for over eight years. We met in our first week of university in one of our first lectures, introduced by a new mutual friend, Jon. After one day saving a space for Jon between us in the lecture hall for four hours without him coming, we decided that maybe we would sit next to each other from now on.

We both studied Geography and had most lectures together and got to know each other better. Over a year later, and after some shaky first dates, meaning we now affectionately hold Airplane as the first film we saw together, we finally became a couple and two years afterwards had our first flat together.

A village home in Montacute

After a few jobs, more courses and house moves later we eventually found our way to our little house in the village of Montacute, which has truly been a real home for us. We live right in the centre of this beautiful village in a secret courtyard where we know all our neighbours and are just a stones throw away from breathtaking countryside.

Getting married at Montacute House

Once we moved here we could not imagine being married anywhere else, and Dominic proposed to me here on a beautifully sunny November day. The church is such a beautiful, peaceful building, and we have a lovely view of the tower from our garden. It is so exciting to see this view every day knowing it is where I will be married.

The other location in Montacute we were desperate to include in our wedding is the stunning Montacute House. Many of you will recognise this building from its many TV appearances including The Libertine, Sense and Sensibility and most recently Wolf Hall. But aside from it’s starring roles, it is still at the heart of many events in our community, hosting farmers markets, outdoor theatres, Father Christmas and the village fete and carnival every year.


This beautiful place holds many special memories for us and we have had many walks and picnics, lunches and cream teas here over the years. In August 2013 our son was born and heavily pregnant I used to prowl these gardens at 5am when I was too uncomfortable to sleep. Having them all to myself, I loved the simple beauty of these gardens and it was the first walk we took with our son, in his pram as a newborn.

Although the house is not licensed for weddings, nor advertising any wedding services, I approached them anyway. I have been delighted by how helpful and accommodating the staff have been. Following our church ceremony the house have kindly agreed that we can have photographs in the grounds and serve refreshments here before we journey to our formal reception.

A relaxed, natural, ‘at home’ feel for our wedding

We want a relaxed, natural and “at home” feel for our day with good food, that has family at its heart. Having a young son has made it even more important to us that we share this day as a whole family and we want to include even our youngest relatives in our planning.

This was also one of the reasons for wanting to include Montacute House, as the lovely open gardens will give little legs chance to run around and burn off a bit of energy. We are also hiring games and planning to set up a playroom at our reception so as little ones will have a place to escape to within line of sight of their parents.

Wedding reception at The Monks Yard

After the ceremony and photo/refreshment combo, we will then have our formal reception a few miles away at The Monks Yard, a collection of converted farm buildings and courtyard. This place really stole our hearts when we went to view and when I saw the strawberries and cream soap in the ladies loo, I was sold.

Inspired by the woods, wildflowers and birds

We have both grown up in the countryside; Dominic works as a Forester and is a keen bird watcher so we are looking to include lots of natural elements into our wedding, with a gentle woodland wildflower and birds theme. We are really keen that our day is an expression of both our personalities with hand crafted decorations from both of us.

Some of the projects we are working on include a bird watching inspired table plan with hand drawn artwork, handmade napkins, botanical inspired invitations and tree trunk slices (I’ve nicknamed the wedding wood) as well as lots of baking experiments I can’t decide between.

The Natural Wedding Company has been such a source of inspiration to me for my own wedding and a really enjoyable read. I am loving every bit of planning, crafting and sourcing items for my wedding, and very much looking forward to sharing my experience with others.

>> View Fern and Dominic’s woodland bird and country flower inspired wedding here <<

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