TNWC Real Brides: introducing Em and Nick's intimate homemade wedding in a beautiful walled garden

Introducing our third lovely TNWC Real Bride of 2015 – the lovely Em, who is also getting married in a location very special to her and Mr-to-be Nick. I love that this year’s brides-to-be have all chosen really intimate spots for their wedding, not intimate in the sense of small, but places that they know really intimately.

Over to Em to tell you more…

Intimate homemade wedding in a beautiful walled garden

Hello, my name is Em, and Nick and I are getting married on 1st August 2015…which is perhaps a little ambitious as we got engaged just before Christmas and have a LOT to do. Add to this that we are also moving house in literally weeks and it has seemed like the perfect if chaotic storm. Although we made a few decisions relatively fast, we have a lot to work out before August and the months are beginning to glide by at an alarming rate.

Our ‘ideal wedding’

Describing the wedding we would like in 5 words, I would have to go for intimate, homemade, welcoming, warm and vintage. We will be getting married at Norton Priory Gardens, which is a beautiful walled garden in Runcorn where I grew up.

Nick and I have been there a few times with my son and Nick’s step son James (who is 2), and I have been going since I was a child, so it is somewhere which we hold very dear and if anything is our theme it is associating our wedding with memories and special people.

As we are booked in August, we are – fingers crossed! – going to have a lovely late summer afternoon (!) surrounded by the flowers and bees in a site which has been occupied since the middle ages. The reception venue will then be a local village hall in Manley, as we wanted to have a country family celebration air to the proceedings, with Amy Swann my amazingly creative friend making the cake  (she initially recommended that I look on The Natural Wedding Company site!).

Mum’s wedding dress

I will be wearing my mum’s wedding dress, which is being altered by a local seamstress, who has been fantastic after my trauma about whether the dress could be salvaged…  But that is another story in itself!

The rabbit door at Norton Priory which I will walk through on my wedding day!
TNWC Real Brides: introducing Em and Nick's intimate homemade wedding in a beautiful walled garden

We are hoping to have an afternoon tea/village fete feel to the reception, and are lucky to have secured the fantastic Pebble in the Pond team who seemed to be completely on our wave length about the atmosphere for the day. I was literally beside myself at the amazing china and vintage fabrics which Emma brought, and was so excited about choosing decorations and flowers and teapots that Nick thought I might implode.

Being involved in making and creating…

This really important to me, and I am hoping to make bunting with my bridesmaid, some decorations as well as those from Emma at Pebble in the Pond, source some vintage items myself and make signage for example. I am particularly thinking about items such as the menu boards and chair sashes… but watch this space!

TNWC Real Brides: introducing Em and Nick's intimate homemade wedding in a beautiful walled garden

We made the save the date cards ourselves by buying burgundy envelopes, luggage tags, silver pens and matching light blue card separately, then ordering a stamp/ink pad from The English Stamp Company and putting it all together to set the tone and save the date before Christmas.

Anyway, these are already up in many of the houses of our nearest and dearest and seem to have been well received! More than that, I really enjoyed making these with Nick, which was really special.

How we met…

Nick and I met on 28th September 2013, and we hit it off straight away. I remember thinking about how relaxed and easy to be with he was, and he obviously thought I was ok as here we are! We first met on a date in Chester and walked to the Cathedral for coffee, and then discovered we had shared friends and interests, and then before Christmas we ended up outside Chester Cathedral in the first nipping cold of winter with Nick on one knee and me speechless, which is not a common occurrence.

TNWC Real Brides: introducing Em and Nick's intimate homemade wedding in a beautiful walled garden

I suppose I would like to do this blog as I would like to have a chance to share our experience of trying to make a special occasion for us part of our local community and relevant to what we believe is important; we really want to reuse and include our own experiences and ideas into our wedding and to document that process. We are keen to use local suppliers, small and country businesses and to work with people who are passionate about what they do. I look forward to writing my next post soon!

Images: (1 – 4) Brides own pictures


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