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I’m sure that by now some of you will have realised that almost two months have passed since I last posted on the blog. I’m pretty sure this is the longest ever stretch that the blog has gone without a feature, which makes me heart a little sad. I do hope that you’ve not all lost hope in me and continue to find inspiration among the blog archive and directory pages.

Without going into a huge long account, it felt right to share a little of where I’ve been this past few months, if not this past year, since my little girl was born. Jumping right back into regular blog posts without some note would have felt a little strange.

A month ago my little girl turned one – I can’t quite work out if the past year has gone in the blink of an eye or seemed like forever (a feeling shared by many first-time parents I imagine). What I do know, is that it’s been bloody hard! It’s been the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced, one that will undoubtedly continue for the rest of my life now that I’m a mama.

Whilst she is my first ‘real’ baby, my business – The Natural Wedding Company – was my first baby of another kind. As I’m discovering with many things in parenting, I thought I had an idea of how I would make things work once my baby burst into my physical world…well it turns out you can’t really plan or imagine any version of how your life will be with a baby.

I have found becoming a mother really challenging in so many ways and I have at various times cried buckets of tears at the ‘loss’ of my former life, most especially in relation to the 24/7 freedom I had to run The Natural Wedding Company. For numerous reasons I won’t bore you all with, about 6 months in I realised that I was (and had been from the start) suffering from post natal depression.

I have felt so overwhelmed and so frustrated and so sad and so in love and so awed and so (positively) changed by this small person and the last year of my life. Having to concede that my business had to come second (in light of all of the above) has been excruciatingly difficult, and my familiar friend doubt has been ever on my shoulder.

And so here I am, for what feels like the first time in an age, writing a blog post and reaching out to reconnect with long-time readers and TNWC businesses, to connect with new readers and businesses (hello!), and to start building back up the wonderful relationships that I had worked so hard to build over the past years.

I hope you haven’t all disappeared or lost faith in me, I have missed you all so much.

Love Charlie x

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Kerry Cairns on 23. September, 2014

Good to see you back Charlie, they don’t call it baby steps for nothing! XxX

Brigitte on 24. September, 2014

Missed you too Charlie and welcome back! What a beautiful daughter you have! It’s been two years now since I got married.,seems like forever sometimes, but I always appreciated the fact that you replied to every comment that I posted..a lovely personal touch! I’ve been a mum twice over and know that it’s a real shock how much your life changes after having a baby, and you do mourn the loss of the time when you can do what you want, when you want.Being a first time mum isn’t easy! With a little juggling you will in time get to have “your time” again and meanwhile have the bonus of enjoying being part of a family and a fab mum. I’m soon to be a Nana, which although makes me feel ancient, also fills me with a sense of excitement . Time now to learn to knit!

Mark on 25. September, 2014

Lovely to see you posting again :) Making a cup of tea with a baby is hard enough never mind trying to run a business.

Jan on 30. September, 2014

Good to have you back Charlie. Don’t try and do too much too soon. It is a massive change going from full-time professional to full-time professional “and baby”. Something has to give and these things take time. Be kind to yourself.

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