TNWC Real Brides: Emma tells us about her botanical inspired wedding stationery and illustrated save the dates


TNWC Real Brides: Emma tells us about her botanical inspired wedding stationery and illustrated save the dates

It is less than a month now to Emma and Shane’s wedding – I can’t believe the time has flown by so quickly! Fingers-crossed Emma will be able to squeeze in another blog post or two if we’re lucky with a few more details about their beautiful sounding natural city wedding. You can catch up on all her posts so far here.

Today she’s sharing details of her botanical inspired invitations (I love this design so much!), so over to Emma…

Love Local, or, A Tale of Two Cities

In all aspects of our wedding we’ve aimed to make the most of the incredible pool of local talent, and our wedding invitations are no exception! Although I must admit that if I had the time and skill I would have loved nothing more than to make all of the wedding stationery myself.

It was important to us that they reflected our day and felt personal and informal – I spent an inordinate amount of time searching for “the one”. As we had a small budget for stationery, we couldn’t go the bespoke route, so I looked instead for something off-the-peg that could be customised.

Botanical inspired wedding invitations by

For our save the dates, we worked with the lovely Becka Griffin Illustrations, who was so easy to work with and super helpful. She designs beautiful, quirky cards and prints of Liverpool (I love her alphabet prints!) and customised a drawing of Hope Street with our wedding details for us.

This meant we could show off how gorgeous Liverpool is to guests travelling in and feature the city as an important collaborateur in our wedding day. As we’re marrying on a Friday we had some lyrics from The Cure on there too!

Illustrated Liverpool skyline save the dates by

I found it more difficult to source wedding invitations from far away, so, with our “shop local” ethos in mind, I searched Etsy for designers in Vancouver and that’s where I found Freckled Stationery, who supply invitations as printable PDFs.

I was initially worried about doing this but it really made sense for us, as we could have them printed in the UK and sent to my mum’s house for distribution to guests! We used to print our wedding invitations and were very happy with the quality.

'Thyme for Love' wedding invitations by

We also asked people to RSVP by email to cut down on postage and paper. Etiquette dictates you should send out RSVP cards to any older guests, but the first person to RSVP to our wedding was Shane’s 92 year old grandmother, who responded using her iPad. So if your guests are as cool as ours, fret not about etiquette!

“Words Needs Love Too” ~ Kamau Brathwaite

Our “Thyme For Love” invitations are botanical without being aggressively floral or chintzy, and we really like the typography. Becca of Freckled Stationery was wonderful and also designed a cute note for the wedding details, and an alternative version of the invitation for our evening guests.

We were able to personalise everything this way and I wrote so many versions of the text that when Shane read through them he thought my laptop was showing an error message…!

We chose to incorporate some sentimental lyrics on the information card from an Alabama Shakes track that resonates with our experience establishing a life together in Canada. I’ve actually already framed one of our invitations and I know it will look really beautiful hanging in our kitchen one day!

Botanical inspired wedding stationery by

I styled the invitations with some fine pink-and-white striped baker’s twine with monogram tags my sister Annmarie spent hours cutting out and tying together — seriously, the best Maid of Honour ever, already!

We received lots of compliments on them and I like to think the care and attention that went into them helped make our guests feel loved and special, which after all is the whole point, otherwise we could just send out emails!

Finally, we set up a wedding website using AppyCouple and included the address on the information card. I made some dummy sites in the early days of planning using WordPress and Blogger, but AppyCouple is made for weddings so for anyone like me with limited technical abilities, it looks sleeker, and, as the name suggests, guests can download the app and store all the wedding information on their devices, including maps to the venues and hotel details. There was a one-off fee but it was good value.

Wedding website by AppyCouple

One of the loveliest things about planning a wedding is when the people you have invited to share your special day are happy for you and it has been so wonderful to receive RSVP messages from guests saying how excited they are! It makes all the research, drafting, monogram cutting, and being laughed at in the post office for selecting all the prettiest stamps (Annmarie again) worthwhile!

For me, the invitations were quite a big deal and once they went out it felt like it was all really happening! Shane and I would just like to take a moment to thank every person who received their invitation and got in touch with advice about the day, or just to say how much they are looking forward to it. We can’t wait!

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ~ Marcel Proust

Images: (1) MCS Photo: (2 – 6) Brides own pictures


Laura on 20. June, 2014

Hi there, I love, love, love your wedding invites, they are lush! We also need to do our invites on a budget and I’m trying to work out whether this option is feasible for us. Would you mind sharing what the total cost (before postage) was? Thanks so much!

Emma on 21. June, 2014

Hi Laura, thank you! We were so pleased with them. The total cost was about £100. The best thing to do is cost out your printing first as this is actually the most expensive element – you can do this online. I would also advise you to start a dialogue with the Etsy shop before you buy and ask any questions you have. As you will be corresponding with the provider over the proofing process, etc, it’s nice to get a sense of what they’re like. Can’t recommend Freckled Stationery enough though, they were wonderful, gave great advice, and were very timely. Good luck!

Laura on 22. June, 2014

Thanks so much for getting back me to me, I really appreciate it. Great to know that such beautiful invites can be done on a budget. I love your design, so I will definitely be getting in touch with Freckled Stationery, especially after your positive experience. Good luck with the rest of the planning process. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, and your wedding plans sound great! Many thanks.

Mollie at Yumbles on 23. June, 2014

These are absolutely stunning and love the “Shop Local” ethos. Wishing you all the best for the big day!

Appy Couple on 23. June, 2014

Your invitations, save the dates and Appy Couple app and website look amazing together! Thanks so much for using our product and we’re so glad you’re enjoying it. Congratulations on your big day!

Freckled Stationery on 5. February, 2015

Thanks again Emma for the wonderful review and explanation of your process to have the invites done! You were such a pleasure to work with :)

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