Unique, handmade and guilt-free ethical wedding jewellery with colourful gemstones by Lilia Nash


Ethical diamond ring by Lilia Nash Jewellery

Today’s guest blog post addresses the issue that many of us go out and pick jewellery we like without much thought to where it has come from or what efforts have gone into sourcing the gemstones and metal. Lilia Nash, who is one of our recommended jewellery businesses, not only creates beautiful wedding and engagement rings, but she ensures she knows just where her raw materials are sourced from.

Over to Lilia to tell us a bit more about her gorgeous ethical wedding jewellery…

Ethical gold diamond engagement ring by Lilia Nash Jewellery

I fell in love with gemstones when I was young, and when I decided to start designing engagement rings and wedding jewellery, I wanted to do so without damage to our planet’s resources.

You may not know when you buy a piece of jewellery from a store as to whether or not it has been made from recycled gold or fair trade gemstones. Very often you just fall in love with something you see. I would like us to pay more attention to what we are buying, so that the jewellery we buy is responsibly sourced.

Ethically sourced sapphires from Lilia Nash Jewellery

So I decided to make ethical jewellery, and my customers can treasure their engagement and wedding rings in the knowledge that not only has it been made especially for them, but it is even more special as it has done no harm to our planet.

The gold and silver I use for my designs are from recycled and reclaimed sources – the gold from the USA and the silver from the UK, and there has been no mining involved in obtaining either.

Ethical gold flat wedding ring by Lilia Nash Jewellery

Gemstones are slightly harder to classify as ethical or fair trade, as there are no established worldwide guidelines, so I make sure that I know where all my stones come from, that they are from well-established and responsible suppliers.

For example I work with a UK owned fair trade ruby, pink sapphire and spinel supplier that owns mines in Tanzania. They pay a fair wage to their miners, ensure their safety whilst working, and work closely with the local community.

Ethically sourced gemstones from Lilia Nash Jewellery

For every piece of my jewellery I am involved from the very start, discussing with my customers exactly what they are looking for, from choosing the colour of the gold used and the colour, shape and size of the stone to ensure that they end up with something they can wear with joy on their wedding day and onwards.

Ethical sapphire engagement ring by Lilia Nash Jewellery

Lilia Nash Jewellery is a recommended supplier of The Natural Wedding Company. Based in the Cotswolds, Lilia Nash Jewellery is a unique collection of fine ethical gemstone jewellery including engagement rings & wedding rings, all handmade in ethical, recycled 18ct gold & sterling silver. Taking inspiration from nature & modern life, Lilia creates timeless pieces that combine natural & contemporary lines. Visit for more details or contact Lilia at


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