Behind-the-scenes film with The Garden Gate Flower Company for a sea-meets-land wedding of seasonal British blooms


The Garden Gate Flower Company

Today I’ve got a pretty special blog post for you and something a little different.  The lovely Becca and Maz from The Garden Gate Flower Company have had a short film made telling the story of one couples wedding flowers, from picking seasonal blooms in their Cornish cutting patch, to setting up the venue and delivering the brides bouquet (such a gorgeous moment!).

This beautiful film provides couples with a special insight into how one homegrown flower business creates stunning seasonal blooms for a wedding.  So take a peep behind the scenes with The Garden Gate Flower Company and don’t miss that magical moment when Becca delivers the bride her bouquet – so sweet.  

Also keep a look out for my other favourite moment of the film – their use of tomato cuttings for the table centrepieces!

Now over to Maz from The Garden Gate Flower Company to tell you a little bit more about the wedding and the film…

Our friend, Emma Griffin is a super creative photographer, artist and more recently film maker, based in Cornwall.  Together we had the idea to make a short film which told the story of Katie and Damian’s flowers from picking to setting up the venue and delivering Katie her bouquet.

Tomato cutting wedding centrepiece

Katie and Damian came to see us back in the winter when that fine Cornish mist blanketed the fields and our flowers were tucked up tight against the winter cold, waiting for spring.  Katie and Damian were so enthusiastic about getting married and they absolutely warmed our hearts too.

Seasonal cut flowers at The Garden Gate Flower Company

Sea-meets-land wedding table centrepieces

They cared about the origins of their flowers and the little stories they can tell, the idea that we would plant those dahlia tubers and sow those ammi seeds for their big day.  Little seeds full of anticipation.

I still remember how, when Katie went to the loo, Damian asked to be included in any correspondence so he could talk to Katie about ‘girly stuff,’ and just how sweet they were together.  We fell in love with their ideas for a relaxed, vintage style to their wedding and their ideas to use washed out, tonal colours really clicked with some of our own.

Rustic crab apple wedding table centrepieces

They wanted their wedding to reflect their love of the sea.  Their ceremony was being held at St Uny’s Church, Lelant, just outside of St Ives.  It is the most beautiful old church, perched on a bend in the Hayle estuary, with wildflowers growing in the cemetery on one side and a links course rolling down to the river and golden St Ives sand on the other.

Homegrown dahlias from The Garden Gate Flower Company

Rustic wood and silver leaved wedding centrepieces

The path to the church winds through centuries old yew and holm oaks before opening out to views of Hayle on the other river bank.  So we took this ‘sea-meets-land’ theme and ran it through all of the flowers we did that day.  We used creamy Café au Lait dahlias and sea green succulents in all the bouquets, and Senico Cineraria because of its ethereal silver leaves and its seaweed like wiggles.

Wedding centrepices of garden grown roses and grasses

We used sea lavender which actually smells a little like the sea (but not in a bad way!) in little corsages as a gift for all the ladies, we used peachy and coral dahlias from a friend’s garden and lots of aromatic dill and fennel.  We also used small tomatoes and rounds of silver birch upon which to place old bottles collected by Katie and Damian.

Apples are in abundance at this time of year so we dotted these around.  Along with the smiling faces of pure white Japanese anemones and white cosmos we used scented stocks and garden roses and we had such a great time with this theme!

Dahlia and grass wedding table decoration

Homegrown cafe au lait dahlia

We’d like to thank Katie and Damian (and Katie’s mum for taking the registration table flowers to the church for us! Eek!) for letting us film, and for just trusting us I suppose!  We hope you had a fantastic time and look forward to seeing some of the ‘wedding’ pictures too.

Images & Film: Griffin Photography


Sophia {My Waiheke} on 10. October, 2013

this is truly inspirational! Wish they were on Waiheke Island, we love this look and what lies behind it. Well done!

The Garden Gate Flower Company on 11. October, 2013

Thanks Sophie so lovely to hear you enjoyed it. Charlie – thank you for giving us this opportunity to showcase our film x

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