Last week I shared all the gorgeous photos from my seasonal wedding hair flowers mini shoot with The Garden Gate Flower Company – if you haven’t seen them already and are dreaming of wearing flowers in your hair at your wedding, click here right now for a heady dose of floral inspiration.

As much as I love sharing all the pretty pictures to inspire you for your weddings, I also like to show the real ‘behind-the-scenes’ stuff that goes into a wedding shoot and the small businesses that put in all the hard work.  Today I’ve got all the behind-the-scenes photos from my day at The Garden Gate Flower Company, beautifully captured on film by Taylor & Porter Photographs.




I’m going to hand you over to Maz from The Garden Gate Flower Company who will tell you their experience of the day…

“A misty, typically Cornish day back in June was positively brightened by Charlie from The Natural Wedding Company who stopped off on her TNWC South West Roadtrip.  We had a little workshop of our own and focused on hair.  Charlie has totally sparked a new interest in native grasses (or … errm, weeds to us gardeners: until now? I am totally embracing the ‘can’t beat them join them’ aspect of this idea!).”




“Charlie was looking for a different angle on hair flowers as an alternative to the trend for big, boho statement crowns.  We took a few pretty flowers form the garden and wove them around a dainty little flower crown with native grasses.  We used combs and clips to decorate as a few of our brides have asked for this too.  Our friend Natty, whose glossy rich black hair made everything look good, posed for pics in the poly tunnel (the only dry and light place) in the morning.”




Taylor and Porter Photographs arrived just before lunch and we took more pics of simple twisted half-up hair and low key, romantic, buns and plaits with small meadow flowers and grass seed heads with Charlie as our model.  This look is natural and pretty and complements a relaxed, country style wedding beautifully, and fits with Charlie’s beautifully natural colouring and long hair.”




“Louise and Becca modelled admirably too, and we had a very nice day indeed meeting Teo and Louise, who’s use of film and old style whizz-click photography made us all feel a bit nostalgic! Charlie was a fountain of knowledge and we interrogated her about all things wedding for hours.  It was so nice to meet and work with Charlie, Louise and Teo, and we all very much enjoyed a warm bowl of soup and homemade bread in the warm farmhouse kitchen.”




As Maz has already mentioned, part of the magic of working with Louise and Teo from Taylor & Porter Photographs is that they only shoot on film – there were no sneak peeks of their photos on a digital camera screen, we all had to wait patiently for Louise to get the pictures processed and emailed through to us.

With that in mind, I want to share a little bit more about they way they work as it’s a pretty special option for wedding photography.

Taylor & Porter Photographs shoot exclusively on vintage analogue cameras in a mixture of medium format and 35mm film.  Louise told me, “The unique colours and grain of film combined with our shooting technique make soft, dreamy and very flattering photographs.  We work as a team to document any joyful event in the most beautiful way possible. We believe in natural lighting, high quality prints in handmade albums and a fine art approach to photography.”




Louise and Teo are passionate about shooting weddings on film, “Film is special; every negative is treasured and unique.  Every frame is considered.  A magical reaction happens when the shutter is triggered.  It’s a Fine Art approach to Photography and is literally painting with light.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out a little more

about these two fabulous wedding businesses and seeing some behind-the-scenes pictures of our beautiful hair flowers shoot.

Images: Taylor & Porter Photographs


The Garden Gate Flower Company on 17. July, 2013

Funny to think how bad the weather was on that day given how hot it is now! Becca x

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