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On Tuesday we had the lovely Myfanwy telling us all about the fab tea towel wedding invitations she’d been making, and how her Mr-to-be Tom had recruited their cute daschund Arthur to help punch out confetti.  Today we have TNWC Real Bride Sarah back with us, and she’s been helping her fiancé Lee look for a country style tweed suit at an affordable price.

Over to Sarah to tell you more…

Hi everyone!  Hope you all had a lovely Easter, this month I will be writing about my struggles to find the perfect suit for my groom.

When we first began organising the wedding Lee began researching the type of suit he’d like for the wedding, and quickly decided he’d like a tweed, country looking suit to fit in with our relaxed, vintage theme.  He showed me a photo he’d found on Google and so we began to try and find something similar.

Country groom in tweed suit

Initially we wanted to hire the suits and so we began to research local hire shops, but soon found none of them hired anything other than plain, or over the top suits which wasn’t really us.  And so we made the choice to buy the suits.

When I began looking into buying tweed it was very expensive, and out of our price range as we had four suits to buy.  So I began looking at suits on the high street.  We both spent hours on the web looking through suits on websites such as Next, M&S, Burtons, Matalan, Debenhams everywhere we could think of, but with no joy.

Tweed suit for a country groom

We felt like giving up, or at least I did, Lee was certain we would find something, and then as I was watching TV one evening I had the idea to look on ASOS, and I’m so glad I did.  There was plenty of choice on there, and at a reasonable price, so Lee had a look and we found the perfect suit!

Country inspired tweed suit

I was so excited, to begin with we just ordered his suit so he could try it on, make sure it looked right and the colours were ok.  When it came he went to try it on and when he came down to show me it was just perfect, he looked so handsome.  And so not long after we ordered everyone else’s suits.  I’m now feeling very relieved to have got them and happy that Lee got the type of suit he wanted.

As a previous country bride myself, I love that Sarah and Lee have found a country inspired tweed style suit.  I think it will be very fitting for their homemade wedding.  Coming up next week we have the lovely Caroline and Stephanie to tell us more about their wedding plans.

I’ve also got a bit of an announcement to make next week, which I’m very excited to tell you about – so stay tuned!

Images: (1) Illustration by Izzy Burton; (2) Daffodil Waves via Love My Dress; (3) Brandon Chesbro via Green Wedding Shoes; (4) ASOS


karen on 18. April, 2013

Love the suit – My other half bought his at the weekend. We were after a tweed suit that would fit in with our country fete them, at the farm reception, but also, be traditional enough for our old hall ceremony. Hes ended up buying a Charcoal 3 piece suit with a subtle tweed pattern. Im so pleased as we can dress with formal tie an then a dickie and flat cap later. AND it was the 2nd suit he tried on. if only wedding dresses were so easy.

Mike Minnock on 29. September, 2015

This was really helpful as I am after the exact same thing. Karen where did you get the charcoal from? Thanks Mike

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