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How I have ummed and aahed about how to word this post, how to title it, how to share this exciting news with you.  So I’ll try to cut out the waffle and just tell you…

My husband Nick and I are expecting our first baby!  

This week I have reached 21 weeks and have a small bump (see below!) that hides a very active tiny person that regularly reminds me it’s there and growing.

Having run this business for 6 years now (happy birthday TNWC!) it has given me the opportunity to meet so many incredible people, both running wedding businesses, and brides- and grooms-to-be, and it is such a pleasure to be able to share this news with all of you lovely friends.

I’ve gone for the typical pregnancy hand pose to show you there’s actually something there!
My 21 week baby bump

If you have concerns that this is going to turn into The Natural Baby Company, please don’t worry, it won’t!  I am still very much in love with weddings and don’t intend on falling out of love with them any time soon.  I will be sharing snippets of our baby adventure over on my personal blog Eat The Earth if anyone would like to follow along or find out what’s going on.

It’s also been a delight to discover that some of my fellow TNWC businesses are also expecting babies, many of them their first babies too. I am so thrilled for them (a huge congratulations – you know who you are!) and think it’s wonderful that there’s a bundle of new little people about to be born into families of creative and entrepreneurial small businesses.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week, and I’ll be back later on today with some more wedding inspiration and tomorrow we have another post from one of our TNWC Real Brides.

Images: (1) Mark Tattersall Photography for our wedding; (2) The Natural Wedding Company

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Becky on 24. April, 2013

Lovely news – congratulations! 🙂 xx

Emily M on 24. April, 2013

Congratulations! Such fabulous news. I love reading your blog for ideas and inspiration and I’m so glad you can share something personal with us too. Lots of love to you both xx

Dawn P on 24. April, 2013

Fantastic news, Congratulations! x

Kat Hill on 24. April, 2013

So exciting for you! Congratulations 🙂 x

Amy Tompkins on 24. April, 2013

Wonderful news. Congratulations!

Lisa Dawn on 24. April, 2013

Huge Congratulations Charlie & Nick! I have a feeling you will make a brilliant mum x

CharlieB on 24. April, 2013

Aw thanks Lisa 🙂 It is lovely to be able to finally tell everyone xXx

sue + wendy on 24. April, 2013

Congratulations. Lovely to hear your exciting news.treasure every precious moment it goes so fast, my eldest daughter is 21 seems so fresh in my memory the day I found out I was expecting her.much lovexx

CharlieB on 24. April, 2013

Thanks for your lovely message Sue & Wendy, I hope you have a lovely day celebrating with your daughter – still hasn’t sunk in that will be us one day, with a 21 year old :S

caroline evans on 24. April, 2013

Yay – congratulations Charlie!! Thats wonderful news x

CharlieB on 24. April, 2013

Thanks Caroline! xXx

Emma Lou on 24. April, 2013

Congratulations to you all, truly wonderful news! And thanks for sharing your personal blog! xx

CharlieB on 24. April, 2013

Thanks for your lovely message Emma Lou, it’s been so nice to finally share it openly with everyone today 🙂 My personal blog is a bit of a ramble about food and growing vegetables and maybe now some baby stuff too!

Nik on 24. April, 2013

Yeay!! So pleased to have seen ‘the bump’ 🙂 It’s looking very neat. So so pleased for you and Nick and can’t wait to see your (sure to be) gorgeous offsprig xxx

The Garden Gate Flower Company on 24. April, 2013

Congratulations guys brilliant news we wish you all the best love the ladies from Penelope Rebecca & Marion xxx

Holly E on 24. April, 2013

Huge Congratulations Charlie, that is such lovely news! x x

CharlieB on 24. April, 2013

Thanks so much Holly 🙂

Sheila981 on 27. April, 2013

Very many congratulations Charlie and Nick! What an exciting time for you both – I hope all progresses well and look forward to newborn pics in 19 weeks time.

Peony and Thistle on 30. April, 2013

Congratulations! Lovely news!

Rosie on 22. May, 2013

COngratulations! I missed this post (been sooo busy at work, not had time to keep up with the blog 🙁 )
Lovely news 🙂

CharlieB on 24. May, 2013

Thanks so much Rosie 🙂

Layla Mayville {A Military Story} on 24. May, 2013

Such happy news! Congrats!!

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