An autumn visit to The Real Cut Flower Garden and a beautiful seasonal bouquet


September seasonal flower bouquet

I feel like I’ve known Charlie Ryrie who runs The Real Cut Flower Garden for almost as long as I’ve run The Natural Wedding Company, and that’s quite a few years now.  Undoubtedly one of my favourite parts of running this business is the people I get to meet and talk to, and the friends I make – both couples planning their wedding and the lovely people behind the businesses I work with.

The best treat is getting to meet up with these wonderful people and spend a little bit of time getting to know them, and in the case of businesses, seeing behind-the-scenes and how they work.  These are fabulous, real, small businesses, and it’s partly why I’ve started my new blog series A Day in the Life.

Wild autumn flower bouquet

Last week I was on the road for a couple of days and it was in deepest Herefordshire that I had elevenses with the lovely Charlie Ryrie.  It’s not the first time I’ve visited Charlie, the first time was back in 2010, then I went to see her about our wedding flowers, and finally I’ve been back again. We had a catch up over a cup of tea before wandering around her flower field in the drizzle.

What a view, hey?

The Real Cut Flower Garden in September

Bucket of astrantia

Buckets of seasonal September flowers

I took a couple of phone pictures as I wandered around her flower fields so you could see what’s it like, albeit in the drizzle and at the end of the season.  She also had some lovely cut flowers sitting in metal buckets in her workshop.  Seeing all the lovely flowers reminded me how much I want to start a cutting garden.

Seasonal white and yellow flowers

Jug of scabious

Flower fields in September

Buckets of pink seasonal flowers

Charlie also very kindly sent me on my way home with a stunning bouquet of flowers that she picked as we wandered – here it is in all its glory, photographed once I got home.

Sit tight, I wasn’t very good at narrowing it down to just one or two…

Colourful September wedding bouquet

Seasonal September garden bouquet

Seasonal autumn flowers

Autumn garden bouquet with mint

So, to finish I would just like to encourage all you wedding planning couples to get out there and meet some of these fabulous businesses that can help you create a meaningful and beautiful wedding day.  You can find lots to get you started up in the luggage tag at the top of the page.

Images: The Natural Wedding Company


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