Win a place on our exclusive cut flower growing and arranging workshop with Catkin Flowers – it’s going to be lovely!


Catkin Flowers cut flower garden workshop

I am so excited to be sharing this competition today – I’ve been working with the lovely Rachel from Catkin Flowers to put together a bespoke cut flower growing and arranging workshop just for my readers.  Whether you’re getting married, recently married or just would love to spend a day learning how to start your own cutting garden and putting together your own arrangements (that you get to take home!) then maybe you’d like to join us.

This fabulous workshop is exclusively for The Natural Wedding Company readers, you’ll learn how to create a hand-tied bouquet and buttonholes, as well as getting some top tips on growing cut flowers.  In a couple of weeks I’m going to have 8 tickets for sale at a special price, but today I have 1 place to be won!  I can’t wait, because I get to go too, so I really hope that I’ll see you there.

Catkin Flowers seasonal wedding bouquet

The workshop is taking place on Wednesday 4th July from 10am – 4pm at Cakin’s HQ at Doddington Hall in Lincolnshire.  It’s about 7 miles from Lincoln Station, so perfect if you’re travelling by train – I can probably pick some people up as I’ll be driving.

The day will start with Rachel sharing her top tips on how to start a cutting garden, and will include a tour of her own cutting garden.  Everyone will then enjoy a delicious 2-course lunch at the Doddington Hall restaurant.  In the afternoon Rachel will give a demo on how to make a hand-tied bouquet and buttonhole, before everyone gets hands-on to put together their own bouquet and buttonhole.

Catkin Flowers seasonal wedding flowers Lincolnshire

This workshop is open to anyone interested in learning how to arrange flowers or who is keen to start growing their own cut flowers to brighten up their home.  It will also be a perfect opportunity for anyone getting married who wants to learn how to arrange their own wedding flowers – and to have a lovely fun day with other like-minded people.

As mentioned above, the workshop is being hosted by the lovely Rachel Petheram who runs Catkin Flowers.  She grows her own English, seasonal flowers and foliage in her cutting garden that she arranges for weddings and events.  There will be an additional 8 places available on this workshop and I will post details of how you can come later in the month – places will be discounted to £50.  I really hope to see you there!

Catkin Flowers cut flower garden

Enter the competition

In the comment box below, simply tell us what is your favourite British flower and why you’d like to learn how to grow cut flowers?

Terms and Conditions

1. This competitions closes at midnight on Sunday 15th April 2012.
2. Only one entry per person.
3. The free place is only valid for the exclusive TNWC and Catkin workshop held on 4th July 2012  at Doddington Hall and cannot be used for any other workshop.
4. The winner will be notified within a week of the competition closing.
5. Following notification, the winner will be required to confirm their place on the workshop within 7 days.


Catherine Holman on 1. April, 2012

My favourite British flower is easily the daffodil, I love them and hope to use lots in my April wedding next year. For me they symbolise that winter is really over and they just make me feel so happy when they start appearing! I am very keen to learn about growing, cutting and arranging my own flowers so I will be able to do my own wedding flowers, I don’t like fussy flowers and think making my own bouquet would be so special… I definitely wouldn’t be chucking it over my head at the end!!

Clair on 1. April, 2012

My favourite British flower is the hydrangea. I’d love to have my upcoming wedding filled with beautiful white hydrangeas and rosemary, something simple which I hope will also smell wonderful. I’ve always wanted to grow flowers but have always lived in places without gardens. We are finally moving somewhere with a garden, so it would be great to get the hobby going…..and growing!

Anna on 1. April, 2012

My favourite flowers are Agapanthus which we saw in abundance in the Scillies last year. I’m getting married next July, and I’m road testing growing my own flowers for my wedding on half of my allotment this year. I know how to grow flowers, but i’m just not sure what to do with them once I’ve cut them…

Caroline on 2. April, 2012

My favourite is cosmos, it’s a nice smiley flower and must have staying power as I managed to have it in my wedding bouquet. I would love to learn about growing flowers and in particular cut flowers as I would love to create a garden that can bring joy outside and inside.

Lydia Wilde on 2. April, 2012

My favourite British flower is the sunflower. To me this flower is summer personified, big, bright and beautiful. I love cut flowers but very rarely buy them as I fear many cut flowers in shops are not grown in a ‘green’ or sustainable way. To learn how to grow my own would be fabulous.

Nik on 2. April, 2012

My favourite flower has to be the cornflower. I love their soft blue colour and they attract lots of lovely bees! Although I grow my own veg, I’m a total novice when it comes to flower growing. I can’t express the pleasure I would get from being able to grow and arrange my own flowers to give to my friends and family; knowing they had come from an organic, ethically sound garden that provides a sustainable ecosystem for our native wildlife :)


CharlieB on 3. April, 2012

Thanks for all the lovely entries so far! I’m so thrilled you guys are keen to come to this workshop – really excited to think I’ll get to meet some of you and spend a fun day learning how to grow and arrange cut flowers xXx

sophie lewis on 3. April, 2012

My favourite British flower is the Blue Cornish Cornflower. I am getting married in January 2013 and gutted as they are not in season. I am having a sea theme and they would have complemented it perfectly, instead I am having sea holly, cream lisianthus, Cream roses, blue hyacinth pips and possibly some delphiniums and gypsophila. I would love to win a place on this cut flower course as I adore flowers and am hoping to learn more about creating floral displays so I can realise my dream of becoming a florist one day soon after all the chaos of my wedding planning is over.

Tanya on 10. April, 2012

My favourite British flower is definately the daffodil. It is the first to announce my favourite season is here. I want to learn about cut flowers so I can expand what I grow on my allotment which is currently limited to vegetables. I’d love to use the knowledge to grow flowers for my own wedding in spring 2015.

Katy on 14. April, 2012

I’m not very good at picking favourites because everything’s got its merits. After the arduous task of choosing flowers for my bridal bouquet last year, I now have a real soft spot for scabious… so if I had to pick one, maybe that would be my favourite! I only have a very little garden at the minute but would love to learn more about how I can use the space I’ve got to create my very own seasonal cutting garden, hopefully including the lovely scabious!

Hatty on 14. April, 2012

I love lily of the valley, so delicate and my Nana’s favourite! I love seeing this growing in the uk, it was also used alot on our wedding day, so it makes me smile! I also have lots of other favourites depending on the time of year! Cherry blossom is a favourite at this time of year! I decided last week to look for a course and then saw this compitition! I really don’t like the thought of flowers being flown in from holland and would love to grow my own! Hatty x

Claire on 14. April, 2012

My favourite British flower is the Hydrangea. The small star shaped flowers combine together to make such lovely large blooms of stunning summer colours. I would love to learn more about growing cut flowers and arranging them, as I love flowers and wish I could be more creative with them, as they can completely transform places. We move next weekend and I will have my first garden-I would love to make it blooming beautiful!

Jenny C on 14. April, 2012

I adore the native bluebell, there is nothing more beautiful or calming than walking through wooded grounds on a sunny warm late spring afternoon with a carpet of vibrant bluebells all around, it’s on days like these that I am reminded how stunning the British countryside is. I adore them so much I have photographs of them on my bedroom wall. I am devastated when I see that they have been picked or trodden on in woodlands but we are lucky enough to have some growing in our back garden (in fact 2 of them flowered last week). My house is usually filled with flowers (to my shame mainly store bought), I would love to learn how to utilise the space in my back garden to its maximum potential,start my own flower garden and learn how to arrange them for my own selfish pleasure. x

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