Wedding reception table decoration

Apologies for the rather brief (and belated) blog post this morning – I’ve been having rabbit crisis at home with my littlest bunny not very well, so back and forth to the vets.  That being said, I wanted to bring you some inspiration and I’ve chosen this picture about as a beautiful example of why you don’t need to go over-the-top decorating your reception tables.

Sometimes you see these incredibly luxurious wedding reception tables, where there are flowers simply overflowing and you can barely see the tables for all the decorations, crockery, and wedding favours.  I must admit that having beautiful wooden tables, like they do above, does make decorating more simply much easier – I doubt there’s many of us who would want to leave plastic trestles uncovered.

wedding flower cake stand arrangement

But I do think, whether you can get hold of lovely wooden tables, or if you have to cover less attractive tables with tablecloths, you can still decorate simply without it looking like you haven’t made an effort.  Just a couple of jam jars or pots filled with seasonal posies of flowers, and maybe the odd cake stand with a different arrangement to provide some contrast (check out this DIY guide from Jay Archer Floral Design to create the arrangement above), along with folded napkins and a couple of tealights and your wedding tables will look lovely.

How are you planning on decorating your wedding reception tables?

Image: (1) Jagger Photography via Style Me Pretty; (2) Jay Archer Floral Design


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