If you missed yesterday’s sweet engagement shoot then take a look first, then read on to get photographer Kelly Weech’s suggestions for why a pre-wedding photoshoot might benefit you.

Try before You Buy: On your big day it is essential you feel at ease around your photographer and they fit in amongst your guest.  An engagement portrait session is the perfect opportunity to test the waters, see the way in which they work and the results the photographer can produce.  You can then make an informed decision about the quality of their work and if you want to make the bigger investment of that particular photographer shooting your wedding.
Put your mind at ease: A one to one session is a great opportunity to voice any insecurities you have and for the photographer to work with you to over come these before the big day.  You could even practise some poses so you feel confident on the day just to do them and allow the photographer to capture natural moments.

It’s all about you: The point of this session is that it is all about you and your partners love.  There is no right or wrong way to dress or particular way to act, just be yourself.  If you have a hobby together then incorporate this into the shoot or if you have a special place, then go to that location.  It is good to be different and to feel your photographs are a true reflection of your lifestyle.

Have fun and laugh lots: This is the time to let go and experiment in front of the camera in preparation for the big day.  If you want to pull a funny face or say something that will make your partner cry with laughter then do it.  If one of you is camera shy then embrace this opportunity to practice and loosen up.  There should be no pressure or expectations from each other, just be you, have fun and let the photographer do the hard work.

A big thank you to Kelly Weech for sharing her thoughts with us all and for letting me share more of her lovely photographs of Lydia and Ben.  Visit for more details.


Woodland and seaside engagement shoot gets featured | Kelly Weech Photographer in Cheltenham on 15. October, 2011

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