Our rustic country wedding – an outing with Carrots the pony


Today’s photos are some of my favourite from our wedding and I’m really excited to be sharing them with you all.  After the church ceremony and ice cream outside, Nick and I left across the field on a simple pony and carriage, which took us down the country lanes for a short while just the two of us.

My mom is solely responsible for organising this – as a teacher in the village primary school she knows a lot of local people, and John who took us out in his pony and carriage is one of them.

I’ve had a love of horses and riding since before I can remember, as a little girl growing up in London I used to dream of moving to the country and having riding lessons.  That finally happened when I was six, and I think for my 7th birthday I got my first lessons.

Yup that’s me and Basil – we’re at a show, we never looked that smart normally!

John was so lovely, he doesn’t do weddings, he just has his pony – called Carrots – and carriage for pleasure, going out in the evenings, what a wonderful thing to do after work!  He even turned up the week before the wedding and took Nick and I out for a drive, which was one of the best moments and made it feel like our wedding was really happening.

John and his wife offered to put flowers or ribbons on the carriage, but we told him we didn’t need any of that, and I’m so pleased we didn’t deck it out – it was just right for us plain.  What I did love was that John wore a fabulous country tweed suit and wore a sprig of cow parsley in his buttonhole – even Carrots the pony had cow parsley poking out of this bridle.

And the good news for any other Cotswold brides is that John is looking to do more weddings – if you’re interested let me know and I might be able to put you in touch.  It was so much fun to ride off across the field with all our family and friends watching – I love this photo of everyone…

The field was pretty bumpy though and we were trying to open a bottle of champagne – drinking it was impossible so we waited until we were on the lanes.  Ashamedly I hadn’t eaten in over 24 hours – I just genuinely lost my appetite – so I think the champagne went to my head quite quickly!

How pretty do the yellow buttercups look – its times like that when you realise that nature really does do it best.

Mark our photographer followed in his car, occasionally leaping out to take some photos.

We stopped for a bit in the entrance to a field to let Mark take some more photos – these were the kind of photos I was nervous about as Nick and I aren’t that keen on having our photo taken.  I must admit that we were just both so happy that we didn’t find it is terrible as we thought it might be – it just seemed easy to be ‘happy and in love’ looking.

I’m not usually one for posed shots, but Mark did capture some wonderful pictures of us and in such a beautiful setting – and one that is even more special because  I have grown up in it and it is so familiar to me.

These are also the photos you find your granny wants on her mantlepiece.  And granny’s wishes, I find, can’t be ignored.

I prefer candid photos like this one…

Mark also got a few lovely shots of my bouquet – oh, how I miss it!

And Nick’s buttonhole with rosemary and sage…

Finally we headed back my parent’s house – I just wish it hadn’t had to end.  It was really nice to get some time to ourselves.

After we got back to the garden, John was kind enough to take people out around the field – like my flowergirl Emily (another horse lover) and my Auntie Heather…

This one below is one of my favourites out of our wedding photos, even though I guess it falls under ‘posed’, I think it’s one that we will look back on when we’re old and remember our wedding fondly.

All images: Mark Tattersall Photography


Rosie MacDiarmid on 12. October, 2011

I just love these…..I’ve got a homebred 4yo mare and a crazy idea of breaking her to drive for our wedding, date will be dependent on how that goes!

CharlieB on 13. October, 2011

I am SO envious, would love to have my own horse but just don’t have the time nor money at the moment, maybe one day. Keep me posted on whether you get her ready to bring you to/take you away from your wedding :)

lyndseybeth on 13. October, 2011

Beautiful photography!

CharlieB on 13. October, 2011

He captured the colours beautifully – these are some of my favourite photos from our wedding x

Jessie on 13. October, 2011

I LOVE that you were able to get a pony & trap to take you away from the church. I really wanted to be able to organise this as a surprise for my fiance but despite practically everyone I know from home owning horses there’s no one with a pony & trap!!

The pictures are gorgeous and Carrots is very pretty!!

CharlieB on 13. October, 2011

What a shame! Keep looking, it was so much fun and such a nice thing to do to give us some time alone – plus it was nice not to be in a car and to be out travelling slow for a change by pony and trap. It makes me want to give up my car for a pony and trap :)

Bridget on 1. February, 2012

These are just lovely and what a bouquet!

Carey Mulligan Wedding Style | Wedding Notebook Blog on 25. April, 2012

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Lizzie on 22. January, 2013

I absolutely love your bouquet! I am getting married in June and really want wildflowers in my bouquet. Could you tell me which flowers were in yours? How did the flowers last? I’m not really sure which flowers will last the whole day without wilting!


CharlieB on 22. January, 2013

Hi Lizzie, I don’t know exactly all the flowers in my bouquet, but some of them were: white peonies, larkspur, nigella, and mint. I didn’t pick any of the flowers for my bouquet though, I just asked my flower lady to put together a seasonal bouquet and gave her a few images of bouquets to show her the kind of loose style I liked. I would really recommend doing this as well, if you pick a good florist or flower farmer (there’s loads listed on my website ( they’ll be able to create you something beautiful and make you a bouquet that will last all day. None of the flowers in my bouquet were wildflowers, but I think they still have that loose, country style evocative of wildflowers xXx

Lizzie on 27. January, 2013

Thank you very much! I will look into some florists as I’m sure they’ll do a much better job than I ever could! x

Linda vincent on 7. February, 2013

how far can horse travel pulling are cart and do you need to give him or her a rest


CharlieB on 7. February, 2013

Hi Linda, I’m no expert in horse and carts, so I wouldn’t know the answers to these questions. We only went a short distance, but if you are looking at a horse and cart for your wedding I would recommend speaking to business owners as I’m sure they’d be able to help you xXx

emma on 22. April, 2013

i absolutely love the whole feel of your wedding! i am very much a country girl and actually planning a simialr style wedding which takes place in 5 weeks time.
i have been looking for a horse and carriage just like yours but there is no one around in my area. you mentioned that john would do more weddings? xxx


CharlieB on 23. April, 2013

Hi Emma, thanks so much for your lovely message and how exciting to be getting married in 5 weeks times! Unfortunately John hasn’t yet got round to deciding if he’s going to do weddings yet or not, a couple of other people have emailed me about it and I’ve got my mum to enquire but as mentioned he hasn’t decided to do it or not yet. Where about’s are you getting married? If you let me know I could always ask my Twitter&Facebook followers for you xXx

Emma on 23. April, 2013

Vwry exciting! Ah that is such a Shame.. He would be so popular!
I am getting married in Gloucestershire, near to forest of dean! I have already asked a horse and carriage driving association but unfortunately they are unable to help me! If you could help, it would be much appreciated. Thankyou xxxxxx


CharlieB on 23. April, 2013

I know, he definitely would be – I especially love how un-weddingy his carriage is :) I’ve put a message out on FB & Twitter so will be in touch if I get any recommendations xXx

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