Pretty pink blossom crown for a blushing bride


This gorgeous cloud of vintage pink flowers brings out my inner girlieness.  It is so pretty and feminine, and oh so romantic – it melts that feminist side of me that and takes me back to my childhood.  I find some of the nicest things that I love the most are those that remind me of my childhood, its funny how that is.

You can find this pretty pink floral crown at WhichGoose, which if you haven’t yet checked out the creations by this talented lady you should go and drool over them all now.


caroline on 19. September, 2011

oh whichgoose is amazing I bumped into it somewhere recently (possibly from another post of yours?) and just fell in love. I have to say I was too scared to order something from the US which was the first hurdle and then had to accept my dress wouldn’t go with flowers in my hair. But if I had the budget for bridesmaids I think I would have ordered some of their lovely wreaths!

I hadn’t seen this headband though it’s just amazing reminds me of a ballerina x

CharlieB on 20. September, 2011

Last week I posted a vintage key buttonhole that was also from whichgoose – her stuff is SO pretty :) It’s all very girlie and romantic , like something you might have dreamed up for your wedding aged 5.

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