A Devon wedding in a tiny windswept church


I feel very lucky to be able to share today’s wedding with you all – the wedding took place at St Michael De Rupe Church on the top of Brentor in Devon.  Not only is this tiny, windswept church one of the highest and smallest in England but it’s also very close to my heart.

My granny grew up on a farm in Brentor village that sits beneath this ancient hill.  A large part of my family come from this part of Devon, I have ridden across Blackdown (the surrounding moors) throughout my childhood, and my great granny had her 90th birthday on Brentor.

So before I get carried away with my family history, this is a special place to me – so a big thank you to photographer Sarah Falugo of Green Photographic for letting me feature this wedding.

The bride Alex was brought up in Brentor and after hiking up this steep hill for the wedding ceremony, everyone headed back to her parents garden for the reception.

Sarah told me that most of the flowers in the bouquets had been grown and gathered by the Alex’s mom from her garden.  Along with her sister they used ribbon to bind the bouquets just before heading off to the church.  Just the kind of wedding I love!

I especially love the use of heather in the bouquet, a real reflection of the surrounding moorland.  There were also lots of baskets of gorgeous dried petal confetti – if you’re looking for something similar you can find suppliers here.

How cute is this very sleepy dog – or perhaps he’s sunbathing?

What a breath-taking spot to a) get married and b) have your wedding photos taken…

And essentials for a wedding in such a beautiful and wild location – wellies!

After a long walk down…

They celebrated at Alex’s parents house with a beautiful back garden reception with their family and friends…

I know you all love details to inspire your wedding planning, and whilst this feature isn’t overflowing with them, I hope it will remind you in the stresses of organising a wedding that a celebration with family and friends is at the heart of getting married.

Images: Green Photographic


brideinwhite on 20. September, 2011

Gorgeous! What an amazing landscape, beautiful old church and love the natural and colourful flower arrangements. Thanks for sharing.

Donna bridger on 10. April, 2013

Sorry to bother you but could you tell me who you get in touch with to enquire about weddings at brentor church my partner feel in love with the church when he moved to Devon and I want to surprise him If you could help with some info I would be most grateful :-)


CharlieB on 11. April, 2013

Hi Donna, it’s lovely to hear from someone who loves Brentor church as much as I do :) I had a search online and if you follow this link and scroll to the bottom it includes some contact details I can also highly recommend Burnville Farm nearby – my granny grew up on this farm and now it is a beautiful B&B with a number of self-catering cottages as well xXx

Kristina Volchkova on 9. September, 2014

Hello! What a wonderful blog! My fiance and I are looking to get married at Brentor! Could you please give us some more info on how to contact the relevant people in order to start organising? Thank you! xx


CharlieB on 10. September, 2014

Hi Kristina, what a lovely spot to want to get married, it’s a place very special to me :) I think you need to get in touch with the vicar at the church, I did a quick search and this page has some contact details for the church at the bottom

dosie doe dartmoor on 11. October, 2014

Hi, would like to contact the right person regarding marriage at st. michaels 2015. visited the church today. The costs listed were around £462 we think. phone number please


CharlieB on 25. October, 2014

Hi Dosie Doe Dartmoor – I’m not in conjunction with the church so you’ll need to contact them directly – you’ll see in the above comments a link which I found for someone else, if not just Google the church’s details x

David Harris on 27. March, 2015

For everyone trying to get in touch about weddings etc, you can contact the Churchwardens directly at, or the church has its own webpage at

Hope that helps!

David Harris, Churchwarden

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