A Mark Tattersall wedding of pink blossom and vintage details


Once again, I’ve been saved by one of the many incredible people I’ve met through planning my wedding – near on a meltdown last night (fretting about the huge task in hand to get ready for Saturday and yet insanely tired) I received some lovely messages from Mark Tattersall via Twitter.

Then I discovered these gorgeous photos newly posted on his blog of a bride and groom beneath a gorgeous tree laden with pink blossom.  And the bride also sourced vintage glassware for her reception flowers – be inspired and make sure you check out Mark’s blog for all the photos.

Images: Mark Tattersall Photography


amhjil2004 on 18. May, 2011

Such a pretty bride!

CharlieB on 13. June, 2011

Thanks for the message and apologies for not replying sooner – I agree she looks beautiful this bride and really happy, and what an idyllic place to take some photos beneath such a gorgeous pink cherry tree!

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