Over the weekend I came across a truly fantastic website – it’s called The Vintage Wedding List and the name says it all really.  A website full of beautiful antiques and vintage finds that you can use as your wedding gift list!  I’m in heaven!

Mr Rigg and I are in disagreement about the idea of a wedding gift list.  I am in the anti-camp – I feel that we have all the toasters, tea towels and generic household items that are often found on gift lists – I mean we’ve lived together for the past 5 or so years, so we have everything we need.  Mr Rigg thinks gift lists sound just great – because who doesn’t like receiving presents?

I do appreciate that family in particular like to buy you a gift for your wedding as something to keep and treasure.  But I have never been enamoured by the idea of a wedding gift list at John Lewis or asking for vouchers for a specific shop where we can buy what we like.

This is mainly because I don’t really want a set of matching cutlery – I’d rather they been vintage and mismatched.  Neither do I fancy a posh new dinner set because I like things with history, something that has a story and has been loved before.  Something a little worn around the edges.

This wonderful looking website has given me hope that our families could give us a gift we (well mainly me!) could truly love and treasure.

Images: The Vintage Wedding List


Alicia on 28. April, 2010

I too am in heaven! Kyle and I also have almost everything we could ever need that could possibly be placed on traditional registries. This is a great find!

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