An email from Greg Valerio over at CRED Jewellery popped into my inbox today with the subject line ‘Our gifts of love should not fund hate’.  Here’s what Greg’s email alerted me to:

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe is selling blood diamonds on the world market.  His army has seized diamond mines, 200 civilians have been murdered, and profits are used to finance political militias.  

I’ve just signed an urgent petition urging international regulators meeting in Namibia this week to ban Zimbabwe diamonds, sending a clear message that we do not want the rough diamond trade financing war and violence as we have seen in the recent past in Angola & Sierra Leone.

We have just 24 hours to persuade regulators to act.  Join me by signing the Avaaz petition below and let’s get a massive petition together that will be delivered directly to the meeting in Namibia.

I too have headed over to the website to sign the petition, so please take a moment to add your name to the list and support this petition.

If you are looking for ethical wedding rings you should take a look at CRED’s website as they use ethically-sourced diamonds to create their beautiful jewellery.


Image: CRED Jewellery



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