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Now, although I love all things wedding related, I don’t go in for overly romantic gestures of love.  My poor boyfriend Mr Rigg (fiancé is still too weird a word to be using at this stage!) always has a lot of pressure with what I do and don’t like – you could probably call me fussy, or particular, or plain difficult – but I’d rather be honest and everyone be happy ultimately.

With all this in mind, the lovely man in my life managed to commission a ring especially for me, that was designed and made by the lovely Etsy seller Kate Szabone, in Canada, with a conflict-free diamond, and get it all the way to Italy to ask me to marry him without my knowing.  Impressive, eh?

It is utterly perfect – a delicate white gold ring that has been lightly hammered, set with a single conflict-free diamond.  Surprisingly similar to the blue poppy ring from this post that I loved so much.  It is more beautiful than anything I could have ever chosen, and it is so lovely to be surprised once in a while.

Do check out Kate’s Etsy shop, her designs are exquisite.


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