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Audrey Claude Jewellery is the work of Designer-Maker Sarah Kavanagh-Jenkins at her studio in the Cotswolds. As well as her own collections Sarah also loves working with clients to create bespoke personal pieces.

Audrey Claude offers elegant modern classic designs and bespoke fine jewellery, engagement rings and wedding rings. We believe that luxury can be sustainable. We use 100% reclaimed gold or Fairtrade gold, ethically sourced traceable gemstones and are committed to low impact environmental practices. 


Audrey Claude is the work of designer maker Sarah Kavanagh-Jenkins and all pieces are handcrafted at our Cheltenham studio. As well as creating our own collections we also work closely with our clients to create custom pieces. 

The greatest fulfilment in our work comes from knowing that Audrey Claude pieces are given and received through love and will be held with enduring affection by those who posses them and are destined to be passed through the generations.

We love making bespoke pieces for our clients. There is something supremely special about having jewellery designed and made especially for you. Whether it's a special ring to show your commitment and love for someone, or a piece of jewellery just for yourself. 

The bespoke process usually takes 8-10 weeks from the design being agreed but can be less depending on the design. Having a piece of jewellery made just for you is a special experience and we record the production process with photographs for you as it is being made.

Wedding rings start at £395. Our new proposal ring is £495 and engagement rings start from £1380.

We believe that luxury can be sustainable and use 100% 18ct reclaimed gold or 18ct Fairtrade gold, and recylced sterling silver, ethically sourced traceable gemstones and are committed to low impact environmental practices.

The diamonds we use are Canadian and Australian diamonds. They are more than just conflict free stones an are mined by workers receiving fair pay and conditions and with care to the environment.  

The coloured gemstones are also traceable and come from small scale mining cooperatives in their country of origin where the miners welfare, the environmental and ecology of the land are all given careful consideration and are treated in a fair an ethical way.

All pieces are crafted by hand in our Cheltenham workshop.  

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"I would thoroughly recommend Audrey Claude to anyone looking for ethical jewellery. Meetings with Sarah were a joy! Sarah explained her passion for using materials which are traceable and have as little environmental/human impact as possible. My partner and I got to see some of her designs and sample rings and we knew straight away Sarah would be making our bespoke engagement ring! The design process felt fun and informal, Sarah was really patient and made sure we were 100% satisfied and allowed tweaks to be made along the way. Needless to say we are looking forward to using Audrey Claude again in the near future!" - Jake

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