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Hello, I’m Emma and I love to photograph people in love. My aim is to capture love and truth in whatever way it presents itself. I love my job so much and feel so lucky to play a part in so many couple’s weddings.

Hello, I’m Emma and I love to photograph people in love. My aim is to capture love and truth in whatever way it presents itself. I have a way of showing people at their most relaxed, beautiful and happy. I specialise in creative, unique, eco friendly and outdoor weddings. I love working with like-minded couples that have added personal and hand made touches to their wedding.

When I photograph weddings, the most important aspect is capturing the atmosphere and the emotions of the day. I base my business on being sustainable and earth friendly. I guess the big question is am I the right photographer for you? If you agree with the statements below then the answer is YES! I would be delighted to be part of your day!

  • We are totally in love and are planning a day that celebrates this with our family and closest friends.
  • We want a relaxed and romantic wedding – a fun-filled celebration, that is slightly (or a lot) alternative, creative and eco friendly.
  • We want a photographer who blends in effortlessly with our family and friends, will be discrete and friendly and whose images will last a lifetime.
  • We want photography that captures the day as it unfolds naturally and shows our personalities.
  • We love the style of Freckle Photography’s work. It this sounds like you, please get in touch or visit my website to see more of my photography.

For Freckle Photography being green is not an option, in today’s society I feel we all need to do our bit. This includes how I run my businesses, not just our home. I’m doing my bit by:

  • Offsetting used when driving to and from commissions by planting trees locally through Carbon Footprint Tree Appeal
  • Using only recycled paper products for stationery
  • Only printing where absolutely necessary and making changes to move towards a paperless booking system
  • Using sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly albums
  • Shooting entirely digitally cuts out the harmful chemicals used in film processing
  • Using rechargeable batteries for all my equipment
  • And we now have solar panels on our house so when I’m editing during the day (which is when I’m at my desk) my computer is powered by sunshine J

Freckle Photography feels it is absolutely necessary to protect the world in which we live, after all, it is the only one we have. Collectively we can change and even undo some of the damage we have caused to the earth.

“I don’t know what to say, we just got our wedding photographs and they are absolutely sensational. We are totally blown away by them and we just sat and looked at them all and relived the day completely. And got totally emotional!!!” – Amy and Matt

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