A totally nondescript blog subject line, but a bit pooped this evening.  All of us have been mega busy today:

  • Mr Rigg was up early to collect cider, then got to work ironing bunting, shifting gravel, painting guttering, to name but a few jobs.
  • My little sister came over to the cottage to help me print menus, decorate the flowergirl baskets, and a number of other making things.
  • My dad has been painting the living room and finishing off the downstairs bathroom.

The tents went up today (very exciting but can’t share photos yet!) and we ran through the plan for Saturday with my mom’s lovely friends who are going to be helping out.

And yes, with just three days to go until our wedding jobs like this are still going on…!

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Today was all about having a day together to remind ourselve why it is we’re getting married.  It seems so easy amidst the wedding chaos to forget that we’re just two people who fell in love and decided to committ to spend our lives together.

So today after we picked up my wedding dress (so, so exciting!) and cheese, we spent the day together pootling about the Cotswolds.  We popped into Daylesford Organic and had a nice browse of their lovely products…

We went to The Kingham Plough for lunch and ate lovely seasonal, English dishes…

Then we had a wander around Lower Slaughter before picking up some freshly made mozzarella from Simon Weaver

Somehow tonight we must find the energy to keep going with our long list of tasks to complete before Saturday.

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Today we woke up in our sweet little cottage that we are staying in this week and had a nice brunch…

We spent the morning (and will continue this evening) printing our order of service booklets (apologies for the blurring, but got to keep it a secret until after the day!)…

And we’ve been beetling about in town picking up odds and ends (stamps, fabric, paper), and also picking up some old skool crockery…

Oh and a bottle of pink fizz to keep us going!

I promise that I’ll share all details of suppliers, where we stayed, honeymooned, and how I made and created everything after the wedding.

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This is the far less glamorous side of planning your own DIY and handmade wedding

All matter of vintage ephemera, craft supplies, paint, and old bits and bobs must make their way from Cheshire to Gloucestershire.  Today.  With a dog and two people in tow.  Help!

And this is what I’ve already taken down last week…

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Our wedding reception is taking place at my parents house.  Last summer my parents decided to add an extension to their house at the same time my dad decided to go back to Uni to study to be a teacher.

I made a flying visit on Monday to drop off a carload of stuff for the wedding, and the house isn’t quite ready to welcome 70 guests a week on Saturday.  Still to do is painting, grouting, and a wash basin and lights to be fitted.  And those are just the things I can remember!

However, my parents are great and on top of work and everyday life they are redecorating and getting the garden looking as pretty as possible.  They have even had a gate installed at the end of their garden so that our guests can walk through the field and into the garden after the church ceremony.

Above you’ll see their dog Alfie with the smart new railings and gate.

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